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Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy 4th

Happy 4th of July. Independence day. We are truly blessed to live in this great country. While some of us don't have much it is a treasure to others that live in poorer countries. Can you imagine going without your TV. Now think of having to carry water so you will have water at your house to cook and bathe with.

I live on a very small check from disability and still manage to pay what I need to. There are things I 'want' but don't 'need' and when I think of what I do have I feel blessed.

I guess what I want to say here is I am proud to be an American and to live in the USA and people who put it down should see how we could be living.

Well I guess I got that out - happens every 4th of July - get tired of the whinners and now I have some place to share my feelings.

I will not feel bad about my doctors anymore - at least they are there for me - I just have to go through all the tests they want before they will operate on my leg. Knee still hurts but did manage to go get groceries by taking a pain pill just before we left and leaning on the buggy - needless to say we weren't there long.

Don't know what my room mate may have in mind for today. We play it by ear a lot of times. Maybe we will Barbque - though I make a great Barbeque in the oven - the secret that my Aunt told me years ago was to boil the ribs first till they are tender then put them in a pan with sauce and put them under the broiler. They sure turn out nice.

Well I am off to check some other blogs - Happy 4th again.

Saturday, July 02, 2005


So proud of myself - at last I have the correct time on my blog! Learning something every time. Kept wondering why the time was different - duh - now I am on EST. Just had to throw the time thing in I was so tickled I managed to do it.

Saturday and things to do

Well here it is Saturday again. It looks like the docs will be operating on my leg July 17 or 18. Now you would think this would be a wonderful time to be crocheting all those projects I want to get to but no I can't concentrate on the stiches. The pain medication they have me on just takes the edge off so I can stand the pain - I wouldn't want to take anything stronger.
We have been eating tomatoes from the tomato plants and they are good. One plant is so full I keep tieing it up to the porch post so the tomatoes won't break the stem. Good thing he put the pot close to the post.
Don't know what I would have done these past couple of weeks without my dear Sis. She has been driving me around to doctors and I had her come in with me so there would be no misunderstanding about what the doctor said. A big thank you goes her way - she is going to be blessed for all the help she has given me.
Poor Moocher had an accident in the house the first one - at least he did it on a throw rug then bunched all up - just like a kid trying to hide something. It wasn't his fault I should have let him out and he couldn't wake me up. Now after he eats he heads for the door. I really think it embarrassed him. That cat if you ask him if he needs to go out he will look at the door if he does and won't if he doesn't want to.