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Friday, October 26, 2007


Crocheted flowers that is. I have been toiling away at making an assortment of flowers for my daughter. I am sending off an assortment to her tomorrow so she can actually see what I have made and can steer me in the direction she wants me to go.

If I used a pattern it was from the fifties or forties so there are no copyrights to worry about.

I'm going to Macon for Thanksgiving - hurrah - wonder if I should start packing? LOL

Steve is happy he got his first disability check. He feels better now that that is working out. He still has the mediation to go through where they will try for a settlement. Feelings around here are just going up and down as the days now count down to the mediation.

Haven't been feeling too good last few days. Bought some night time cold medicine and took my regular night time medicine but I still can't get sleepy. Guess if I turn on the TV and try to watch that movie I taped tonight I would be asleep in two seconds but then I wouldn't have my cpap machine on. I do believe it is helping me to get some more restful sleep. It is cool here tonight so I turned up my humidifier a little bit. It will more then likely warm back up in the next few days. You never know what you will get in Florida. I remember several Christmas' that we were wearing shorts and some that were freezing.

Monday, October 22, 2007

My Daughter

My daughter sent me a care package the other day and included one of her hand made cards. The cards have the pictures of the creatures she makes and sells on Etsy. I thought it was the cutest card.
She also included one of the book marks she makes and includes in her orders or gives out at the craft fair. How did I get such a talented daughter and such a thoughtful one too. Her blog site is and from there you can go to her store in Etsy.

More Selby Gardens

Statue in a water fall.
Another carving in the jungle of plants
Some beautiful orchids.
More orchids.
Another orchid - this I know the name of it is called a Dove Orchid because inside looks like a dove sitting on a nest. It really does though I don't know if you can see it in the picture but it sure was pretty. My sister took most of these pictures - she has a really good camera. My more expensive camera took a dive - never did like it any way. Now I have two things to save up for a new camera and a computer. My el cheapo camera still takes pretty good pictures.

Well Steve at last let his sister in law cut his hair. Wow what a difference. Every one is telling him how much younger he looks. He absolutely will not let me take a picture of him but his sister in law got a picture and I am going to ask her to email me one. Steve cleans up real nice. Most people it takes them a second or two to know it is him all dressed up and a hair cut.

Been having a little trouble with my CPAP machine - I think it is because my nose has been stuffy I keep waking up with the nose piece pulled up over my nose. I wake up not able to breath. Right now I can't stop sneezing. Thought it may be my fan so I cleaned the dust off of it while the pictures were loading. Oh well guess it is time for some nose spray and hope I get some more sleep.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Selby Gardens

This is the entrance to the gardens. It is like going into another world in there and I hope to see the rest of it before long.
Here are just some of the beautiful fish they have in ponds. My sis said that the fan tail or ones that look like feathers are rare.
My sis behind the tree so we could see how big the tree was. So many of the plants were named by their scientific name and I didn't take anything to write them down with.
Me sitting on I believe a Banyan tree - it had very interesting roots.
This was an echo chamber. You put your head in it and hummed. I did it and my whole body vibrated even my sis said she could feel it.

Stay tuned for more beautiful flowers.


This afghan should be called a small blanket. I was trying to use up the dark purple yarn and didn't realize how much I had so I just keep going and going and going.

Now that is out of the way I am going to start crocheting flowers for my daughter. I am going to have to make some of my own patterns but it should be interesting.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Selby Gardens

Don't know how I got among all the beautiful flowers that were at Selby Gardens but it just proves I was there. There were so many gorgous blooms that I am going to make another post later with more flowers so stay tuned for more Selby Garden posts.


This is a nice shot of the sun behind the clouds - my sis took this on. We were at the beach waiting for the sunset but got there too early and decided to watch the sun set another time.
The beach was just crowed with all kinds of birds. Mostly seagulls and pelicans but some that had a little tuff of feathers at the back of their heads we didn't know what they were. As soon as I sort out some more pictures I will post another beach post.
Sun behind the clouds - I took this picture and think all our pictures came out very nice.


My sis who I just spent a wonderful weekend with and I went yard saleing and every where there were Critter Crossing signs so I guess that comunity cares about it's critters.
We saw this sporty golf cart for sale. It was just too neat not to get a picture of.
Here is my sis in her pool. The water was cold so we didn't stay in there long - just long enough for her to show me how she used to get exercise swimming around the pool.
Here I am in the pool - I really look cold and after we took the pictures we were ready to get out. One nice thing about her pool is it has a fence around it which is a law now - make it safer when her grandkids come to visit.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Adventures in Sleeping

Aw, the sleep of the innocent. This is Marisa, Steph's girl, last time she stayed with us for a while. Wish I could sleep like that.

This is the second night I have woken up with my sleep mask pulled completely off my head. Don't know how long it was off. Guess I just have to put it in my mind that I am going to keep it on.

They gave me an extra long hose which is good because I toss around a lot in my sleep. I really want this to work - I am feeling better so if I just stick with it I should get more energy.

Haven't been crocheting for a while it was too hot but am going to get busy on some flowers for my daughters Etsy site where she sells her creatures. Just reading her blog is interesting then she has the store where she sells her creations. She stopped her book review blog as she has limited time and wanted to get her Etsy store going plus setting up at a craft fair every Saturday.

This new feature on blogger to save your draft is great - I thought I had lost my post but when I got back to my manage post page there it was saved for me.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


This is actually the second load of books I have hauled off to the library. The first was last year when I started sorting out books I no longer wanted. It was harder to give these books up as a lot of them are Florida gardening books but I don't foresee myself planting a garden again and I know just about everything I need to know about gardening in pots.

I can't help it I am going to snag that older Wise Gardening book out of the box and keep it - it really isn't in that good a shape and it has more stuff in it then the new Wise Garden book I bought and is getting donated.

I am hoping that other people get as much enjoyment from these carefully gathered books as I did.

With limited room I have to be careful of gathering too many books. Right now I am reading through the paper backs that have been tucked here and there and as I read them they go in a bag for the mission or Good Will which every I get to first. Didn't know I had so many paper backs left.

Guess I better break out my library card and start using it instead of buying books - a lot cheaper too.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

All Is Well

This is my CPAP machine that helps me keep breathing while I am asleep. The doctor was very pleased with my progress in getting used to the machine and is going to wait to put me on oxygen - till we really know I need it. You would be surprised at how quiet the CPAP is. My little fan I have on in the room to move the air around and drown out unwanted noises is louder.

I feel much better now that I know it takes time to adjust and I don't need the oxygen right away.

Had to take the machine with me so the doctor could make sure of the model that I had - he said a few times the patient had the wrong machine. The nurse took the card out of it while I was holding the hose and stuff in so I didn't see how the card went in. Well after I got home and hooked it all up again I put the card in and the lights went wild and there was a beeping noise so I pulled it out and put it in the other way and things went back to normal. At least it is almost idiot proof which is a plus for me.

Monday, October 08, 2007


Learning how to sleep all over again with my CPAP machine. It was uncomfortable at first but I am getting used to it now. It has a humidifier in it which I have set on one because any higher and it gets too hot for me - at least I don't have to worry about the water running out.

Still waiting to have all this energy that sleeping better is suppose to give me. Or maybe I am just in a slump and can't get motivated to do much of anything - what ever it will pass.

My machine has a card in it that I take to the doctor this coming Tuesday. Have no idea of what all information the card will show except that I know it will show if the machine is on or not - the nurse told me I couldn't just tell the doctor I used it that the card would let him know. Big Brother Doctor looking over my shoulder even while sleeping. I wonder if it would be the same if I just turned the machine on and let it run? After next Tuesday I will know what all it records.