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Monday, October 31, 2005

No Crocheting

No crocheting for me last night besides trying to watch the Bucs game - we lost - we had the room mate's two little grand daughters while their Mom went and played with the big kids at Bush Gardens.

Bought those toys at the yard sales just in time - only had to throw away a few - guns and pointy things.

The grandkids are four and almost three. The almost three is coming out of her terrible twos and can be a hand full but if you know how to approach her she can be really sweet. Was trying to get Grandpa to go to bed - his nerves just can't take little kids any more - he slept beside the oldest on the floor and the little one and me had the couch. Mom didn't get there to pick them up till one-thirty in the morning.

Grandpa says no more late night sitting but he will forget. He's in his room now sleeping. He was only going to work half a day anyway so he just decided to take the whole day off. I still feel like I could take a good nap but can't go to sleep. The time change will take some getting used to.

Think I will close this up and see if I am alert enough to start working on the blue afghan again.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Yard Sale Fun

Sis's hubby was golfing - my room mate at work (so I didn't have to stay home and clean) so off we went to find some yard sales. Sis says she usually makes a map but Saturday we took pot luck and turned up with a few trash to treasures.

Missed out on a trip to Wal Mart because I found a light cover to fit my room mate's bathroom - oh well next time. Found a few bags of little toys - have to go through them yet - for the kids to play with when they come over. Was looking for a basket to put them in but I have a box I think will be just the right size. No yarn this time. Did find a brand new box of men's handkerchiefs with the right initial for my room mate - that is going to be for Xmas.

Bought a stuffed bear for Moocher who was scared of it. I will have to get him to play with it or the grandkids will play with it.

This time change is going to be hard to get used to. I lay in bed till I coundn't stand it any more and guess what it is 4:30 with the clock changed already - which is usually when I wake up unless it is one of those sleepless nights.

My daughter lives in Macon, Ga. and was part of starting the Macon Dog Park. They had a fund raiser Saturday and my daughter's name got in the paper again. Either it is something connected with her job - assitant librarian at Macon State - or for a deed she has done she has her name in the Macon Ledger pretty often.

Back to the yard sale for a moment - found some coasters I bargained down to fifty cents. Now maybe I won't be damaging my computer desk with my glasses of ice - use paper towels but they just soak thru.

The road in front of our place is so nice now with the shell on it. It didn't need to be rolled with just people driving over it it has packed down nicely.

Almost halfway finished with the blue afghan now. Haven't had time to look at all of my Crocheting School book yet but it will be used over and over I am sure. Sis saw one at her Jo Ann's and got to looking at it and decided she wanted one too. Thank goodness for these 40% and 50% off coupons they are great to buy things like books. Matter of fact I have one now that Jo Ann's sent me that I have to print out.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Road Work

Well some one put shell on the driveway which is actually a street. It had some horrible red dirt before that just went everywhere and with the tow truck coming and going he put some deep holes in it. Well the tow truck doesn't come in here anymore and that red dirt is now covered with shell. The shell will compact down - they may bring a roller out and press it.

Still working on the blue afghan but making fast progress - should be done with it in a couple of days.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

At Last Blue

Finished up the pink afghan and have started on the blue. Tried with a larger hook but it was coming out too big so I had to drop back to a size K. Just added more chains to make it a little wider.

Have my letter all set to mail off to Caron - with the samples and the label from that skein. See if they answer me.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Almost Done

The small pink afghan is almost done. Just working on the border now. It is taking longer because I have to watch for those tuffs of blue yarn and either pick them out with a pin or cut it out and splice the yarn.

Steph brought all three of the kids over yesterday afternoon - about eleven the rain stopped and the sun came out. I think I am going to have to make the little boy's afghan a little bigger - though he is the same age as Jerrica - 4 - he is much bigger then her. They are like stair steps. Next month I will get some baby yarn and find a baby pattern - yes there is going to be a new one in about seven months or so.

Monday, October 24, 2005


Just sitting here listening to the rain and wind. Hope this is as bad as it gets. For once I was sleeping but have been so worried about the weather that I was talking pretty loud in my sleep - either my room mate was awake already or I woke him up because he woke me up to stop me from talking.

I mentioned on my other blog that I am almost finished with the pink afghan - just the border to do now.

Oh, found a pot at a yard sale Saturday and repotted my Lucky Bamboo into it. Hope I didn't kill it. I want it to get bigger. There is no hole in the bottom of this pot so maybe I can keep the bamboo moist even if I forget to water it.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Nice Saturday

A long day but a nice one. Sis and I went to Jo Ann's and I found the most wonderful book - 'Crocheting School' - A Complete Course - there doesn't seem to be an author. It is just full of how to do different crocheting. The pictures and instructions are clear. One of my down falls has always been how to join blocks of crochet - just glancing at the book it shows several ways. I didn't get a chance to look at it last night but put it's own bookmarker in it. The best part of the deal was the book was $24 but I had a 50% off coupon. Thanks Sis for us going to Jo Ann's.

Jo Ann's also had fiber fill on sale and I had a bright idea that I would buy two bags and put them in my pillow shams for the bed - didn't work they are too small - but I may just get two more bags and stuff the shams like a pillow - it is just for looks anyway.

We found a few yard sales - nothing too special - found a pot to repot my bamboo in. Found a cake pan at an estate sale but I had to get out of there - too many people - Sis shares the closed in, too crowed, feeling with me and ended up not getting anything - by the time she got up there the check out line was all the way out the living and into the kitchen. We much prefer yard sales where it is in the open.

It was a nice day to yard sale even though we didn't find many. Cloudy but not raining. The sun did come out when we were wrapping it up.

We stopped at Salvation Army also - I can not believe the prices they have on things- I found two books that didn't have a price on them anywhere and was ready to pay two dollars for them, hardbacks, but the cashier said how about a dollar and I said OK - so I did end up getting a deal there. One book is a novel - for fifty cents if I don't like it I will donate it to the library - which is where it will end up any way after I read it. The other book was a college text on writing - just glancing through it I saw a lot of things that will help me write better.

I am on the last block of color for the small pink afghan then the border. Think I will take a break and work on the frogies before tackling the blue afghan - I know I said I may not do it but that was when the A/C was out and it is hot with an afghan sitting in your lap. Once again I don't know how the ladies a hundred years ago did it. I suppose if you never had air conditioning your body would adjust but I am spoiled - I have to have my A/C.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Went to bed last night at eight - unheard of for me but was so tired. Woke up early and started on the small pink afghan - making a lot of progress on it.

Have run into one problem now and then there are bits of blue yarn in it and I either have to pick it out or just cut it out and splice the yarn. I am going to write to Caron and send them samples of the yarn. There was even one big tuff of blue. Taping them all to a 4x5 card and am going to enclose the label so they can see where it came from. I like these one pounders for afghans and this is the first time this has ever happened to me. Sometimes they don't pull out like they should and you have to pull the core out and wrap it round the rest but that is no big deal.

Better get going - sis is going to pick me up and we are going to find some yard sales.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Cold Air

I am a total wimp. Now that the A/C is fixed I am thinking of just sitting down and crocheting till the place cools down some. I will more then likely fall asleep. It has been a long night and morning.

Too Hot

The A/C went out yesterday and it was just too hot to crochet. I kept sweating.

How in the world did they do it in the old days when ladies wore long dresses and petticoats and long sleeves. They were tougher then me. The A/C goes out - every thing gets cooked in the microwave and I don't move around much.

My room mate is worse but he works in the heat all day and looks forward to coming home to a cool place. Right now he is sleeping on our closed in porch - there is a small air conditioning unit out there. I am just trying to stay cool with some ice. Had my ice packs still in the freezer and took them out the other day - now I wish I had left them but there wasn't room.

Think I am going to wimp out on the small blue afghan and just crochet the frog for the little boy - of course that is how I feel right now being hot and giving up the fight to sleep around three.

Better check the ice - hope some more has frozen and hope the A/C man gets here early.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Ah, I like this one much better - you can read it easier. My poor old eyes were having trouble reading my own blog.

Actually slept last night and feel rareing to go - as soon as I get my coffee in me.

Crocheting here I come.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Moocher Update

The cat will not stay in the house. He comes in eats a little gets a drink of water then wants right back outside. Can't blame him it is nice and cool out there so early in the morning. Later when it gets warmer he will want to stay in. Just wait till some really cold weather gets here.

Well best laid plans and all that - didn't get any crocheting done at all yesterday. Today has to be better.

I am thinking of cooking early and just warming it up in the microwave. That way if I fall asleep this afternoon it won't take but a few minutes to warm every thing up.

Except biscuits - Sis didn't get to stop by and leave the miracle pan that doesn't burn things - so I am not making biscuits - speaking of which I think I am going to try making some like I saw a lady do one time - no not open a can- she put flour in a bowl - had to be self rising - then she put either milk or buttermilk right in a hole in the middle and kept pulling the flour into it till it was firm enough to make into biscuits you just break off and put on a pan. She left the flour in the bowl because she made biscuits with every meal. I wonder what kind of mess I would make trying that - it sounds interesting to try even once - who knows maybe I would be good at it - my room mate likes biscuits and this way I could fix just enough for two. Even with the small cans we end up wasting at least one biscuit - not to mention having to cut the bottoms off because I burned them.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

No Crocheting

Keep falling asleep Monday because if the new medication - from now on I take it at night - took it last night and slept till four.
Every time I would try and crochet I would just get sleepy and fall asleep. I should be more awake today. I certainly feel more awake.

Going to get some things done today - best wishes huh - maybe.

Monday, October 17, 2005

New Week

Monday - going to get some things done around here - water my plants then settle in with my crochet - I may fall asleep but that's OK a nap won't hurt me.

I am so close to finishing the small pink afghan I just want to get it done and move on to some other things before I do the small blue one - give me a break from the afghans.

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Didn't get much crocheting done today. Was sleepy most of the day - think it is this new medicine for arthitis the doctor put me on. From experience I have learned that this side effect wears off often with certain medications.

Already getting things planned out for Xmas - where to put the tree, etc. Have to get on the skirt for it. My sis gave me yarn and a pattern book. We put the tree up for the kids but it is kind of nice to have it up for us too.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Baby Sitting

My room mate's eight year old grand daughter had fun yesterday. It was a quiet day. Played on the computer, made silly putty and ate Halloween candy all day.

Didn't get much crocheting done but I will make up for it today.

We went to Wal Greens to pick up some medicine I needed and went through the Halloween isle setting off all the toys that made noises. It has been a while since I was with a lively eight year old in a store - you really have to watch them they can turn a corner and be gone in a minuet.

I enjoy watching her I just wish I had felt better. Maybe next time.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Moocher and Me

Here is a good picture of me holding Moocher - my sis took this picture and several others - Moocher just didn't seem in a picture taking mood at that moment. She did get several good shots though and I will be posting them later.

Going to babysit today - well not so much a baby she is eight years old so I don't know how much crocheting I will get done today.

Went to bed way to early for me but I was so tired and now I am up at almost three in the morning.

E-how had the recipes for the flour and salt dough that you can bake - maybe she would like to do something like that. I saw a mix for a sour cream white cake which I had never seen before at Big Lots and would like to try that with chocolate icing. Any way I am sure we can keep busy doing things.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

My Knee

Here is a blurry picture of my bandaged knee. There was another cyst growing and the doctor took care of it - my knee feels better all ready. He finally took the time to tell me I had an arthritis knee. He thought I was already on arthritis medicine but when I told him I wasn't he prescribed some for me. Makes me sound real good - Sis was in there asking most of the questions - she is an angel and deserves to have the best thing - a nice life.

Go back and see the doctor next month. Hopefully with this new medicine I will be able to get around more.

Have to get back to my crocheting.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Small Pink Afghan

Can't believe how much I have done on this afghan at this rate I will be through with them then on to more Xmas stuff and my poncho - though I don't think that will get done before Xmas.

Go to the doctor tomorrow to see about my knee - if he tells me to stay off of it then a lot of crocheting will get done. I may even get to work on my felted bag. Every now and then I think about it but want to get the kids stuff done first.


While waiting for more on crocheting here is a picture of Moocher on the front porch. The weather is nice and cool and a little cloudy - no way does he want to come inside.

Moocher on the porch Posted by Picasa


About all I can do right now is sit and crochet or play on the computer. My knee hurts.

The little pink afghan is coming along nicely. I am glad I decided to use the same pattern - my fingers know it now and I can go a lot faster. Those pounds of yarn from Caron help also. These last two pulled out like they where suppose to - I had two before that I had to pull the core out and wind it around the bundle.

I would take a picture but don't want to take the yarn out of the bag and maybe tangling it up. It is situated just right in there were I can go back and forth from the white to the pink. Any way it looks just like the pink afghan only smaller. Looking forward to having all three finished and taking a group picture.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Next -

Started the small pink afghan about 3:30 am - I think it was Saturday. Just had to take some out for one mistake now it is just cool sailing all the way - I hope.

I have so many projects I want to get to but I want to finish these afghans first. I do have a little time before Xmas.

I hope it cools off enough for me to wear my poncho - once I get it made.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Below should be a picture of the latest afghan. Child sized. I just hope I didn't make it too small. Now onward to the pink one. Think I may change the color pattern but there seems to be enough color yarn to finish it. There will be some left over from each color and I have bits and pieces so I am going to make a stained glass afghan. Made one many years ago and am trying to remember the pattern - it will take some trial and error but I think I can dig it out of this old brain.

Wow I just learned how to save a post to draft and get it back again. Always somethiing new to learn on these blogs

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Water Bowl

Couldn't leave Moocher out he got a brand new bowl for his water from Good Will - all of seventyfive cents. The top is bigger and it holds more water - he drinks a lot. I washed it up - filled it up and put it down there and he started drinking.

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A Fast One

My sis brought me the free pamphlet for the poncho. Then a little while later she was asking for advice on color of yarn. I fell for it hook, line and sinker. When we got back to my place we were sorting out bags and I told her that one was hers she said no she had gotten so I could make the poncho. I really like that poncho. Thanks a million sis.

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Below is picture of yarn I bought at Jo Ann's yesterday - I already had a couple though. I do believe that I have enough yarn to finish all the afghans I am making for Xmas. These are the one pound Caron yarn.

Pounds of Yarn Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 07, 2005

No Sleep I have made a lot of progress on the green afghan. Had to take out about four rows - made a mistake and thought I could hide it but it just got worse - now if I had fixed it when I found it I wouldn't have had so many rows to take out. One more row of green and I will be ready for the border.

Sis and I are going to go to Jo Ann's while her hubby goes fishing. I need more white - used more then I thought I would.

Have almost decided to make frogs for all the kids - but first I have to make one and see if I can handle it.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Stuff To Do

Or I should say WIPS because it seems I am getting them piling up. Almost finished with the green afghan and don't want to stop now.

My Sis and I plan on going to Jo Ann's Friday if all goes as planned - they have the yarn I am making the afghans out of on sale.

We may try to stop at a few yard sales also. Haven't been to one in a long time - think I already said that on this blog or was it the other one.

I put Moocher's picture on my other blog but they put what I wrote on this blog - I think I have it sorted out now.

Well almost time for my room mate to wake up so I will say bye - he will be wanting the TV on for the news while he gets ready for work - he fixes whatever he wants to take sandwich, snacks, drinks - he has been doing it so many years I just stay out of the way.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Air Vent

Below you will see Moocher walking away from the A/C vent - tried to get a picture of him looking down it but couldn't get the camera fast enough. No cool air coming out he decided he wanted to go outside. He sleeps by the vent which just happens to be beside 'our' computer chair - no air no chair - he wanted out.


The tow truck drive came in here but it looked like a brand new truck and it was a lot quieter. He didn't stay so there were no midnight runs to wake the neigborhood up.

My room mate is over being mad at me - it doesn't take long - he just pouts a little and I let him do it then it is over. One thing he said to me though was that with a closet full of clothes why do I wear the same ones over and over - he is right I get something comfortabe and tend to wear it to death. I have lost weight and am able to get back into a lot of my clothes again. My favorite pair of jeans just almost fastens but it is too tight - soon I hope before the weather gets cold I will lose more weight.

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Below you will see a picture of Moocher - he had already reached for the door knob - which I was trying to get a picture of so he just sat down and looked at the door and looked at me like what's going on here - are you finished taking pictured?

You can't convince me that our pets don't comicate with us. Some times it isn't even a pet.

There are so many stories out there of pets helping their owners that you can't just deny it.

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Just noticed that my Doubleknot blog was posting me as double2knot. I forgt to change the setting for the blogs - I was trying to get a picture of Moocher on the double2knot site - I did get it - I think. Well to any reading this it is the same person just different blogs.

Started the frog - all of eight sc in a ring. Had to put it aside. Now I am thinking that maybe with the hair scrunchies I will make the two girls a frog also - I have three different colors of green in my stash.

Monday, October 03, 2005


Well I tried but it just wounldn't take my picture as you can see - deleted the first one that came out like that. I will try again later - the picture was a little fuzzy anyway.

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Green Afghan

Can't believe how fast this second afghan is going - of course it is smaller - for a three year old - have two of them and one two year old - three afghans - same pattern different colors. The pink afghan was for an eight year old so it had to be bigger.

Can't hardly wait to get started on the frog - found the perfect green in my stash almost an entire 8 ounces so it should be enough. Yep, I am going to at least look over the instructions today.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Quiet Sunday

It is a little past four in the morning - I couldn't sleep so here I sit listening to the quiet. Even Moocher, the cat, wanted out - after a treat of course. I think I know now why he jumps up in my lap in the morning - he wants to get on my chair - I just happen to be in the way. Was sitting on my couch last night and he went right to my chair. My room mate couldn't help it he had to spin the chair - gently - Moocher just raised his head like that was a fun ride what next then went back to sleep. I was trying to get a picture of him laying on his back. Both my room mate and I wish we could sleep like Moocher.

My room mate has never had a cat before so I have to explain some of the things that Moocher does to my room mate - like the kneading with his paws - carry over from being a kitten with the mother - the only thing is Moocher didn't put his claws in at first! We have slowly broken him of clawing us - we just lift one of his paws and he can't do it - Moocher is so used to me lifting one of his paws now he puts it in my hand. All my room mate has to say is watch the claws and Moocher usually does.

Since this is a crochet blog I guess I should mention that the crocheting is coming along fine. Haven't started the frog yet - maybe Monday when things are quiet. This is my room mate's only day off and he wants to get some cleaning done. Stuff I can't do. So I will be doing stuff I can do.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Thought of another good reason to use the same pattern on the other afghans - these are kids and if each is different they may want the other's. This will make it easier - just the color will be different.

My surrogate grand daughter who is eight was over the other night - she looked in my bag and saw I was making another afghan - this one green and white and said she liked it. I told her she said she liked pink - she tried to convince me she liked any color and I told her she had to wait till Xmas.

I am making crocheted hair scrunchies for the three girls and was at a loss as to what to make for the one boy - once again my sis came to the rescue - she sent me a pattern for a frog and a fish pouch - you can put anything in them - I am making the frog - instead of marbles because the kids are so young I thought I would put snakes and spiders - rubber of course - another of my sis's ideas.

Seems everyone is out of town this weekend but me. Room mate is going to work Saturday so I guess I will catch up on the dusting - that I can do then he can vacuum the floor and do the ceiling fans again.

My sis's and my plans for the yard saleing fell through. Oh well there is always next week. Her hubby needed to get away for a few days - he has been working really hard with a bad foot. The foot is getting better - there was nerve damage but it is slowly coming back.

I keep having this thought that we are going to go to a yard sale and see lots and lots of yarn - cheap - is this the crocheter in me?