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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Threes for Fingers?

Here is Dawn she caught a staple - one of those big ones that you staple boxes together with. Had to go to the emergency room to get it out.
This is my finger still bad from chopping it when cleaning the fish. Now do we have three finger situations - we could count Steve hurting his finger before or we could count Dawn's boss who just cut his finger the other night. I am going to be careful it is hard to type with a bandage on don't need any more.

We are still getting rain from the storm but no wind. I just made it to the drugstore and post office and back home before it settled in to rain. Nice sleeping weather - I couldn't get awake this morning so I think a nice nap is what I need.

About Steve's shoulder we still haven't heard anything. He does have a lawyer now just in case his boss tries to not pay for the second operation. Things are in the works we just don't know how they will turn out. I am afraid that Steve's shoulder may never be well enough for him to go back to the work he used to do.

The only bright spot for weeks now was Steve catching those few fish though he paid for it the next few days with his shoulder hurting worse - it was still worth it to him and to me to see how excited he was about it.

Monday, August 28, 2006

My Computer

A kid and...
a cat conspired to keep me away from my computer this weekend. For a while I thought I counldn't get on the net any more but after reseting my computer - which means I also had to add all software again including my server - things seem to have sorted themselves out. There are still a few bugs but at least it is still working.

We all over slept this morning. Steve is off to 'work' - they have him walking around with a walkie talkie in case someone needs something he can get someone to do it. He feels so useless but I keep reminding him he is getting paid for it.

We still haven't heard anything from worker's comp or the doctor about his operation so I think if we don't hear today that we need to call Tuesday.

Steve did manage to go fishing and caught a couple of nice sheep's heads. His arm was really hurting later but from the look on his face it was worth it. Too late I thought of taking a picture. Poor thing he stood at the bottom of the steps and asked if he should have given them away and I told him no - bring those things in here and I will clean them. It was lighting and raining outside by then so the fish got cleaned at my kitchen sink - itsn't the first time I have done that. I am glad he got to catch a few fish - left handed at that. I knew if he wanted to bad enough he would figure something out. I guess he thought his should is messed up again anyway he couldn't do much more damage to it.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Another Round

Well it turned out that Steve was right about his shoulder. His rotor cup is torn again which means the doctor is going to operate on him again.

The doctor told Steve they could leave it like it is and Steve told him he didn't want his arm unusable that he wanted to be able to go fishing again. The doctor took more time with Steve and tried to tell him who knows how it happened - we think it was during the manipulation on Steve's arm to unfreeze it - the shoulder really started hurting after that and the therapy just seemed to make it worse.

I blame the doctor for not having follow up xrays or something after that manipulation. They keep fluffing Steve off till I called worker's comp for Steve and insisted that something was wrong. Now we have to wait for worker's comp to OK the operation then the doctor will set a date. Hopefully it won't be too long a wait. Meanwhile the doctor didn't even pull Steve off the job he still has to go to work. There isn't much he can do and it frustrates him that he can't do simple things but I keep telling him they are paying him to do the penciling of defects that need to be fixed.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Just realized that we had our third break down - the lawn mower. So we should be clear for a while - window, facets, lawn mower.

Now is things just go smoothly for a while we will be happy as a flea on a dog.

Cat Hangers

This how we feel today - looks impossible to get out of those hangers. Today is the big day for Steve - he goes and sees his doctor along with his MRIs and xrays which I picked up in Brandon yesterday and didn't get lost thank you. He doesn't want me to go with him so I wrote a note and paperclipped it to his films - get a written report on the films and a written report on the diagnose. We aren't doctors but the xrays sure seem odd looking to us. Told him to make sure he brings the films back - if we do have to get a lawyer they will help. His shoulder is really hurting now and has spasms.

Haven't been blogging too much lately. Seems we have all been waiting for this day to see what the doctor says. At least the doctor stopped his therapy till he gets a chance to examine Steve.

We have Dawn, Steve's daughter staying with us. Steve went to mow the yard Sunday and the lawn mower blew up - only the third time we had used it. Steve mows with his left arm and it is a small mower. Steve thought we had just lost the money on the mower but I called Wal Mart were we bought it and they said it was within the 90 day refund so just make sure there is not gas or oil in it - Have to buy a new turkey baster, that is what I used to take the gas out. Steve and Dawn managed to get it into Steve's truck and Dawn and I were off to Wal Mart. It didn't take long to get a replacement. Steve was amazed they gave us a new mower He just doesn't know to check out things just in case. The only problem I had was keeping up with Dawn she walks so fast. Did over do it a bit but slept good Sunday night.

Moocher has a new love - have to get a picture of him loving on Dawn. If she is here and he comes in he is right in her lap. I think Moocher's teen stage is behind him now. He seems to have calmed down and is at last gaining some weight. I kept feeding him all the time but he just wasn't gaining weight before.

I'll keep you posted on what happens at the doctor's today.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Aw, isn't it sweet. That is what I need now is lots of hugs. Just came from the different doctor they sent me to for my right knee - he said he didn't know why my doc sent me to him I had to go to an orthopedic - like - hey, yes - the one I usually see Dr. Goldsmith. After going through all the paper work and waiting Dr. Hectman said he would make my file disappear like I was never there. So now I need to get another appointment with Dr. Goldsmith for my knee because he will only look at one body part at a time and I already have an appointment for my shoulder.

Errr, I had to reset that appointment three times - twice to go with Steve to the doctor and once to be home when the land lord came to fix the bath tub facets. Oh yes it is the old threes again - first the window then the bath tub facet breaking one more thing and we should be clear for a while.

Steve was very pleased with his MRI experience this time - his case worker got him into the Tower in Brandon which isn't too far. I have been going there for years for tests and know how nice it is. He said he just had to keep his eyes closed and they gave him earphones to wear with music so you can't hear the machine too much. Not only did he have the MRI but he had it twice once plain and the other with contrast. Also xrays. He said the techs were saying something about a bone out of place but he won't know the results till he goes to the doctor mean while the doctor did tell him to stop therapy just incase it is irritating something in his shoulder. Which is good because the therapy was really hurting - more then it should have and wasn't making any progress.

Gotta check my chicken - chicken and yellow rice and creamed peas for supper. I like to cook my chicken then take it off the bones - goes farther that way. My I am making myself hungry.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Good News

As you know my room mate has been going through a terrible time with a torn rotator cup. Today he went to the doctor and the doctor agreed to have another MRI done to see if they missed something or what is going on in his shoulder.

With all the therapy he has it should have been improving but it isn't and he is in pain all the time.

I talked with his case worker the other day and told her how depressed he was and she told me to make the doctor's appointment.

Now we wait for Worker's Comp to OK the MRI and go from what they find. At least the doctor is agreeing now that they may have missed something. It gets so frustrating when the doctor fluffs you off.

I have another bud coming on my Luna Hibiscus. I am surprised that my double red bloomed some more - guess it likes it's pot. All the seeds I put in the big planter didn't come up so I guess I will try something else in there soon.

Monday, August 07, 2006


My hibiscus set two blooms - missed the first one but managed to get a picture of the second one blooming. It was so heavy I had to hold it up to get a picture - thus the arm in the picture.

Busy Monday after a semi busy weekend. Managed to clean my truck windows - hey there is a road behind me.

Have great northern with ham and ham hocks in the crock pot which should be done about the time supper is wanted. Every one was talking about how good Steve used to make them so I thought I would try my hand at them. I am dicing up an onion to add - don't know if he put one in or not.

Oh, my passion vine is not blooming any more but I am not worried because the lady's around the corner is not blooming either. So when her's starts to bloom I will know to watch for blooms on mine. Meanwhile I really wish I had a fence for mine to run on like her's because I am constantly trimming it back from taking over the other plants. It sure grows easy but I have not managed to start another plant from any cuttings.

Friday, August 04, 2006


New mini blinds to cover -
New window! This time they put plexey glass in it just in case something like this happens again. I am still finding bits of glass. I take some packing tape and wrap it sticky side out so when I see something shinnng I can get those little pieces up.
Now we have a problem - the blind and the window are the cleanest things in the room as far as windows go. I need to lay in a stock of Windex and catch a day when it isn't raining and Dawn has a day off and while she does the outside I can do the inside.

The land lord was so mad he had to go a ways to get the plexy glass and he wrote down the measurements before he left - the place cut it three quarters of an inch to short. He had to go back and get it done all over again.

Gotta go.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

No Pictures today

Seems blogger doesn't want to post any pictures right now and I had a really cute one that a friend sent me - next time.

Well the land lord dropped two of his men off to measure the window then they left and didn't return so I am hopping they come back today. It is suppose to start raining today or tomrrow.

This week has been a bad one for me - no energy. Hope I get some back next week. Time for me to get the rest of my doctor's appointments sorted out and get that over with. It gets so tiring.

Dawn, Steve's daughter said she would wash the outside of the windows for us - she is young and strong and I took her up on it. I think I can handle the inside but the out side means getting on a ladder and neither Steve nor I need to be climbing a ladder right now. She is the best type of house guest - doesn't expect to be waited on and since she works at night she sleeps all day. We don't mind helping her out.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Edit Me

Working on my blog list. Guess I could remove some of the Edit Mes but scared I can't get them back. If I add you and you don't want to be on the list just let me know. I feel so good to be blogging again.

All is Quiet

All is quiet here - no more rock throwing - matter of fact it seems to be quieter then usual. Haven't gotten the window fixed yet - landlord's man had to go to the doctor - but have it patched up good. Would you believe we used Gladwrap and heavy clear wrapping tape - inside and out - Steve wouldn't let me put the card board up - I think he thinks it makes us look like rednecks - with the glad wrap you can't really notice it till you get close. I have the card board handy just in case it starts to storm and I have to get it up there quickly.

I got tagged for a meme that I didn't get to so here goes - The Five meme:

5 things in my freezer
ice cubes
bags of sauerkraut

5 things in your closet
sewing machine
small ironing board

5 things in your car - truck
air freshener
ice chest
floor jack
assorted tools

5 things in your purse
a little money
lists, lists, lists

5 things in your wallet
driver's license
credit card
library card
room mates bank card number, he, he
emergency list

5 people I am tagging
who ever wants to get in on this - makes you think.