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Saturday, April 18, 2009

First Try

Well I do believe that my first try at cooking the banana peppers turned out pretty good. I only had trouble with the coating sticking to some of them.

I did a dumb dumb - after I had cleaned the seeds out of the peppers for some reason I licked my finger - wow - the heat stays on your hands. Maybe I will make some pickled seeds to put on my hands when they hurt.

I am off to try my peppers - they should be cooled off enough now.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Shelves and Peppers

My sis Suzie came over and brought screws and brackets to hang my shelves with. I had forgotten about my shelves because they were tucked behind the table and I didn't know what to use to hang them on the wall. I had always just set them on a counter or when I lived in my teeny tiny place used them as a bedside night stand.
Here she almost has the shelves up. She is just a wonder when it comes to stuff like that. And she enjoys doing it too.
She also brought me a wonderful gift - some banana peppers. Her and her husband were at a big flea market that has a large fruit and vegetable section and she saw those peppers and knew I had been looking for some to cook. Now I can try the recipe that AIP gave me on how to cook them. I sure am glad I asked for instructions or I would have just tried to cook the whole. Instead you cut them open, remove seeds and stem then coat them with onion ring mix or pancake mix. Too tired today to try and cook some but just wait till tomorrow - unless I wake up in the middle of the night and decide I can't wait any longer to try cooking them LOL.