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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Pink Afghan

I found the pattern. It is a wide zig zag - the original large spaces were white - I am going to make them pink and the smaller ones white. Now all I need is the yarn. This may take a while so it may end up being a Xmas present.

I started some ornaments - experimenting actually - guess what everyone is getting for Xmas. Need some better red yarn though. Not really happy with the bits and pieces I have.

Still not really on the ball with the crocheting but getting there.


In hopes that I find the right yarn to finish my felted bag I have finished the bottom and started on the sides. At last I am back to crocheting.

Have to find a pattern for an afhgan today so I will know how much yarn I will need. It is the pink and white one for my grand daughter.

Have an idea for some felted Xmas ornaments - going to experiment - I'll have to see how they come out.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Is this going to be a count down? - yes! Thinking of Jo Ann's is keeping me going.

Called the doctor yesterday and told him the bandage kept slipping down - he said I could remove it as long as I didn't get the area wet. They told me to just put some bandaids on the cuts. My leg feels a lot better now - I think the bandage was irritating it.

I have to sit down today and find a pattern for an Afghan for an eight year old. I know the colors are going to be pink and white - I keep thinking some sort of stripe with a fringe. Once I start looking I will be marking more projects I want to start.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Almost Thursday!!

...and what do you say is so important about Thursday? - I get to go to the doctor and have the stiches removed and almost more important to me I have asked my sister if she can take me by Jo Ann's on the way home! It is relaxing and exciting just thinking of being around some yarn.

I need some different yarn for my felted bag - bought the wrong size to match what I had already and I need some pink and white yarn to get started on an afgah for my adopted granddaughter. She will be coming by today for me to watch her for a while till her father can pick her up. When she was here Friday we made silly putty but I put too much borax in the water and it was hard. I think we will try play dough today and bake it in the oven. She is a doll and behaves like a little lady with me - isn't that the way it always is the parents get the rotten part.

I made a new blog but now I can't find it. When I enter the name they say they can't find it. I guess I will try again.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Up Date On Knee

It is getting better!!!! I want to get started on the Afghan for my little grand daughter but first I have to get to a store that sells yarn. Having to depend on others for a ride is hard. My sister has been a doll but I don't want to push it. My room mate limits our outings to the grocery store - I have to take a pain pill before we go, it is a wonder I can follow the list. I can't blame him though he is working seven days a week right now and that is hard on us older people.

I guess it will be slow going on the felted bag but one day......

My sister sent birth announcements with my niece's picture. She has her eyes open and she is so beautiful. I just realized that this is going to be my last niece and my mother's last grandchild. You couldn't have asked for a more beautiful baby.

Was trying to make another blog for my ramblings but haven't had any sucess with that yet. I guess I will try another blog site.

Friday, August 26, 2005

The Bag Revisited

With my leg still hurting from surgery my bag has not made any progress. I have about seven rows done and have to start 'evenly' increasing a certain number - afraid to try it with these pain pills making my brain mushy. Soon - my knee is getting better. They take off the bandages soon. I thought I was getting bandaid surgery but they have my knee wrapped up like a mummy. Ice packs - it is hard to get in a comfortable position. I want to go to some where that sells yarn and buy some more pink for my little adopted grand daughter - at least I will be ready!

My room mate has been very helpful - I am still managing to cook as long as it is something simple - I don't want to see any hamburger helper or TV dinners for a while. Paper plates are a wonderful invention.

Maybe I will try to get a picture of my knee - don't hold your breath though.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Bag

At last I have started my bag that I am going to felt. Changed my lighting so I could see better and not bother others. I am so excited - I am hoping it is going to turn out OK but if it doesn't I will try again.

Now I have my adopted granddaughter wanting me to make her an afgan - she is eight and likes pink so I guess I will dig out all the pink I have and make her a quicky - maybe just strips - that sounds so plain - well I'll think of something.

My daughter sent me a list of crochet blogs and I am having fun reading them. Everyone seems to crochet faster then me.

Well time to start the day - later.

Saturday, August 13, 2005


I have a brand new niece. A cute cuddly pink girl. She had to be born c-section as the cord was wrapped around her neck three times. But all came out fine in the end.

Another week and my leg gets operated on. Will I be glad that will be over. I have to take a pain pill to go anywhere where I have to walk and that makes my brain feel squishy. Other people have been driving belief me. I am going to be careful and try not to hit my knees on anything else. Think I figured out I hit it on my computer desk but am not really sure.

It has been so hot here in Florida but we do get the afternoon showers some which cools it off for a while till the humid starts.

My poor flowers have been suffering but they are hanging in there. My ginger lily bloomed and I almost missed it. The marigolds are gone. Just wait till I can get out there and get down where I can reach the flower pots. Need more dirt too.

Well that is a little update on things. Later.

Friday, August 05, 2005

August - already!

Checking my blog I was surprised to see I have not written anything since the 4th of July.

I have a good excuse though I have been busy with my knee and doctors. Will I be glad when this is all over. Seems I have to wait for my operation since it is classed as a non-life-threating procedure.

Words fail me when I think of all the driving my sister has done for me - she has been an angel and continues to be.

I will be back with pictures and more on Moocher, the cat, soon.