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Thursday, June 29, 2006


Well my stove top is all fixed and what did I do for dinner last night - made a casserole in the microwave. It was sort of a taco chili combination with corn chip and cheese and salsa on it. I saw Steve just put a spoonful on his plate and get some other crackers but he was back for seconds. I should have added more chips to it, next time I will remember. I was hoping they would bring me a 'new' stove top but all the worker had to do was fix the wires - at least now they won't pull out of the plug and the plug is snug in it's holder - the old one wouldn't stay in.

Been up since two with restless legs and back hurting. Daylight is coming. Just had to go out and break up a cat fight between Moocher and the neighbor's cat. Moocher defends his territory. I don't know why the neighbor's cat comes over here - it was even laying on the porch one day. I know they feed it because it is twice the size of Moocher.

Steve's birthday is coming up on July 26 which also happens to be his youngest daughter's birthday also. I want to find one of those Mr. Clean car wash things that doesn't leave spots - I guess I will call around when I get the chance. My son's birthday is the 11th and my daughter's is the 25th. She was born five days after men walked on the moon for the first time - I was so hoping she would be born on the same day.

My luna hibiscus just keeps putting out a bloom a day. I hope it blooms all summer. No blooms on my passion flower though, perhaps it is just not settled in good yet. I have to make a trip to Lowe's - they have a new thing a marker in the plants that are heat resistant. I only need one or two or let me see maybe four. Have to count my flower pots.


One of my frogs. This one has a secret.
He opens up so you can stash things inside.
Here are some on my frogs. Oops - Moocher's toy got in the picture - well it is a frog also. Used to have a large collection but had no room for them - I have to hold myself back when I see a cute frog statue. I don't remember the blog now but they posted a beautiful carved group of frogs - now I am going to have to go through the blogs and find that again. May be I will remember - right lol.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Same Room?

Same room just a lot of stuff gone to the mission - bye bye. Now I can reach the shelves - oh no, that means picture sorting - well I was due for a slow down on the cleaning any way. At least you can walk in there now and even see a bit of my desk top.

Cable man was here today - disbite my telling him it was more then likely on the pole outside he found the problem of our fuzzy channels inside in the cord hooking the VCR to the TV - smart man - didn't listen to me. He was nice enough to put in a new stronger cable and all the fuzzy channels are clear now. Don't know how much that is going to cost. We just recieved our electric bill and Steve went into shock - according to it we used 49kwh last year same time and this year we used 67kwh. Steve thinks it is wrong but I think it might just be right because of the heat the A/C has been working more.

Right now I am waiting for the land lord's man to return with the part for my stove. He thought it was going to be something simple like just plugging it back in - this time I was right the part is burned and the wire is burned off the connector. Get that fixed and I will have had a pretty full day.

My Mom is doing fine - no more pains. My sister planted the Luna Hibiscus she brought to the hospital with the other ones she had already planted and did I mention that she put wire cages around them hooked to the fence so my over zealous brother in law won't mow them down. Mom has a self propelled lawn mower and it is too slow for him he pushes the thing. At least Mom's weed eater is broken so he can't weed eat the new flowers down.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Beautiful carnation that was on Mom's lunch tray. Didn't have anything to put it in so sis put it in her drink cup.
Here is my Mom - she was looking good and feeling fine. The pain was gone from her heart. The doctor's don't think she had a heart attack but an arrhythmia episode.
This is my Aunt Pat - we don't get to see each other too much any more but she is my favorite aunt. She has spent her life caring for old and sick people. She is a hoot to be around.

Worse Mess

Everything is getting stuffed into the small bedroom for now so it is really a mess. You can't even see the top of my desk.
The shelves in the corner are mostly full of pictures. I have my work ready for me when I get to sorting the pictures. I have already loaded up a bag full of makeup, hair do dads, and lotions - lot of samples from motels - not that I am in the habit of going to motels but they just seem to add up and thought those would be nice for the ladies at the shelter. A lot of the stuff is brand new - given to me and I don't like the smell or just haven't gotten around to using it. My bathroom looks like the lotion counter at a department store - time for a lot of it to go and just save the ones I like.

My Luna

Here is my Luna Hibiscus waiting to be repotted. My sister planted the ones she bought for mom and even fixed a place for the one mom has in the hospital. I have to go see them.

Monday, June 26, 2006


AIP has her moon flower now I have a Luna Hibiscus. My sister bought this one for Mom in the hospital. When sis and I left, my other sis and her husband had arrived - we met at the old Wal Mart and bought some more. I just bought one but my sis bought several to plant by Mom's fence only this time she is putting them in cages so my brother in law won't mow them down like he did with her double red hibiscus.

My Mom seems to be fine. She was sitting up and laughing and talking with Aunt Pat and my sister when I arrived. Said she wasn't hurting any more but they had to run some more tests to make sure the shunt in her heart isn't going bad.

I didn't get upset or too worried - though I know it has to hurt pretty bad for Mom to call to be taken to the hospital in the middle of the night. I know the time will come soon when she will no longer be with us. Maybe it is because she doesn't' fear death but embraces it as joining Christ. But she does take care of herself. At one point years ago she wouldn't go to the doctor because she was so convinced by these people that Christ was coming she felt she didn't need to - after reminding her that no man knows when that day will come and we are to use what he gives us in this life she came round to taking care of herself.

Prayers and positive thoughts needed. Thank you.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

More Sorting Done

I can't believe that I emptied one side of the closet. I stood there in my underwear (blush) and if it didn't go over my head or around my waist it went to the mission. All those shoes I no longer can wear - found out I had three pairs of heels exacty the same! Can't wear heels any more but did find my good black flats so that was nice.
Stuff that needs to go in the new dresser. Too tired right now but maybe I can get it done before Steve gets home - he is going to be tired he has therapy after work.
Steve's desk that was on the closed in porch is now in the bedroom - now maybe he will leave my room alone with my desk and meds and stuff. This has been a tiring day but I can't believe what I got done by noon. Of course the neighbor helping was very nice - Steve and him know each other I was just lucky that he was home.

I'm Back

Price tag I am leaving on and let my room mate sweat awhile before I tell him the mission gave the dresser to me for $50 plus tax about $55. They loaded it into my truck and my very kind neighbor moved it into the house for me.
Another view of the dresser - TV fits on it - that's good.
Another view of the 'new' dresser. The old one that was there Steve bought without letting me look at it - the drawers fell out every time you opened it and besides they loaded it into Steve's truck wrong and we lost two drawers getting the thing home. He is constantly complaining about it but we just didn't do anything. Now that he wants to buy new furiture for the living room I wanted to surprise him.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Just Do It

I - wasn't going to start this post with that word because that is what is happening too much wrapped up in the 'I' at the moment. Putting off resetting doctor's appointments. Not working on sorting stuff out - seems I have just run out of steam. Today was suppose to be a day to clean my bathroom real good and sort out old make up and lotions that I haven't used in who knows when but my legs and stomach hurts and I keep laying down on the couch and falling to sleep.

My room mate wants us to go to Rooms to Go this weekend - he wanted me to go alone, no way - and look for a fold out couch, another love seat and a coffee table. He wants to get a funton also - all of this planned towards having his sister and boy come down for a visit. We aren't telling the kids we are making more room to sleep people for fear they may want to move in - isn't that terrible. Steve just can't take much turmoil any more - he is back at work - very light duty but it doesn't look now like he is ever going to be able to do the work he was before. I know it is worrying him and there is nothing I can do but listen.

This too shall pass - if I just hang in there things will get better - I know that. Time to pick up the phone and get back with my doctors and start the rounds again. It just gets so tiresome.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Father's Day

Grand daughter holding Grandpa's finger.

Another Birthday Girl

Another birthday girl. Jerica turned five. Her she is with the cown and wand from her cake.
Jerica and her princess cake.
Mom and birthday girl.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Look close and you can see the lizard that lives under my washer. He comes out and eats out of Moocher's dish of food and water. He seems healthy enough. Steve was the first one to spot him eating - I just saw him running around.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Birthday Girl

Here is the birthday girl and as usual the cheapest thing was the favorite - a coloring book with lots of stickers in it.
Reading card with Dad and friend.
She got what she wanted for a cake - Barbie Princess I think.
Another cheap gift but a favorite - a smiley face poster;

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Busy Morning

After a 'heated' discussion last night about getting rid of some of the junk we still have after moving over a year and a half ago I started on the back room (after I got out of my night gown - see last post). I came up with two piles of boxes, a vacuum cleaner which my neighbor is going to try and all of Steve's singing fishes, lobsters, etc. but I didn't leave myself out I still had boxed up all my bird houses that were bait shops, bathrooms, etc. Guess where all this stuff is going tomorrow - The Mission - they unload the stuff there for you. It took me all morning and a lot of rest stops but I think I made a good start.

"Normal Day"

Yesterday was the first 'normal' day in a while: Steve spent the day at work, I stayed home and cleaned and my blog is fixed thanks again to the gentleman who gave me the instructions.

All that rain we had has soaked into the ground now. I just hope it keeps raining now and again to keep things wet. Need to get out and work on my potted garden today.

Well here it is after seven and I am still in my nightgown so I better get moving and take care of a few things before I settle in to blog.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

With a Lot of Help

A very kind and knowlegable gentleman helped me sort out my code so my blog is back on an even keel. I just need to get rid of some of the Edit Mes - it was the only thing I seemed good at so I just kept making them - there are a lot of blogs I want to list also.

I had a fun time this morning with my room mate's credit card again. Steph came over sans children and we went to Wal Mart to buy for the two birthday girls. Amber is turning nine and Jerrica is turning five. I am so glad she went with me to help pick out the stuff her Jerrica likes and to help with Amber's stuff. We bought Amber a training bra and panty set - she will think it is a bathing suit - just wait till we tell her what it is - have to embarrass her a little.

No toys just clothes books shoes, etc. Grandpa doesn't believe in buying them toys he says the parents get to do that.

It was raining again when we came out of Wal Mart but now the sun is peeking out again. I am glad the storm is over and thankful it wasn't too bad here. And I am very greatful for the rain.

With Some Help

With a lot of help from my blogger friends I was able to figure out that it was a picture that was too big. It was the one of the cat in the hangers so I just deleted that post and ta da my profile and blog list were back where they belonged. I couldn't have done it without the info I received though.

Now if I can just figure out why my past posts and archives are in a bigger font. I must have done something I shouldn't have but what it was is beyond me. So I still need some help.

We are getting some really hard rain and wind gusts here now even though the storm is well above us. Feeder bands coming off the storm are hitting us. We have been under a tornado watch also. On the TV it looks like it is so far away from us but we are still feeling it here. I am surprised that the electric hasn't gone out.

For once Moocher decided he was going to stay in. He slept with me all night and just went out for a few minutes a while ago to take care of business then I called him and he came right back in. I don't think he will be going back out too soon. I guess I should get a litter box for him but he is so good about going outside and most of the time it is OK.

I saw the lizard eating from Moocher's dish last night. Steve said he saw it before. It was the first time I had actually saw it eating. I am going to try and get a picture of it. The lizard is getting less scared of us moving around. I don't know what Moocher thinks about it - I am sure he must smell something on his dish because he smells all around it sometimes.

Monday, June 12, 2006

My Blog!

I don't know what I did now but my blog isn't acting right. The info that is suppose to be in the side bar is acting like it is on another page waaaay at the bottom of the posts. I tried to redo my template thinking this may fix it and lost all my list of bloggers so I have been trying to redo them. Also for some reason now my past posts and archives are in a bigger font then everything else.

Oh well - I have the storm on my mind and really feel like I shouldn't be on my computer but it isn't doing anything but raining right now.

Tropical Storm Alberto

It has been raining a nice gentle rain most of the night and is still coming down steady. Now big winds, no thunder and lighting just the much needed rain.

Coming down harder now. I guess this is suppose to go on for the next couple of days. We need the rain but things have been so dry a lot is running off - it should start soaking into the ground soon.

Just hope we don't get flooded out.

Baby Pictures

More cute baby pictures. Can't help it when baby comes over the camera comes out. Almost a month old now.
Happy Mom looking at baby Marisa.
Here is Steph, baby and Cobie. Cobie is very proud of his little sister. All the kids are.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Wet Stuff

For about ten minutes yesterday afternoon this wet stuff started falling from the sky. It took us a few minutes but we regonized it - it was Rain. It had been so long since any fell everyone was calling everyone else to see if they were getting rain also. The weather man says we should get some more because a tropical depression is coming our way. We sorely need the rain. The frogs were in full chorus last night.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

7's Lists

Forgot I was tagged by Kitten Yarn to do the seven lists - going to have to think about it for a while but I'll get it posted.

Friday Afternoon

What an exciting Friday afternoon we had around here. Just before Steve left for his therapy work called and asked if he was coming back to work - they had received a letter from the doctor releasing him for light duty - the problem was when Steve saw the doctor on the first of June the doctor didn't tell him he was releasing him just gave him the papers he usually does and set him up for more therapy. Well Steve didn't bother to look at the paper because by the time he got home and called the therapist the doctor's office had already set it up.

So here it was the ninth and we didn't know he was released the first. After talking with the workers comp man and looking at the papers we realized Steve should have already been back at work. He is going to give it a try Monday. Just keeping an eye on some workers and marking places that need repair. He still can't lift his hand above his waist - which is one of the restrictions he has but he is will to give it a try. The man at worker's comp was so nice told Steve if he couldn't do it or they didn't have anything light enough for him to do to just tell them he was going home then call worker's comp.

As to my problem I at last reached the lady that everyone was telling me I had to talk to and my Medicare part B is going to be paid for me since I am so low income. They pay for my part D also and help on some of the medicines I have to take that my plan doesn't cover. What a relief that was off my mind. They may take the money out the first month if the paper work doesn't catch up with me but I will be sent back the money. Sounds like government doesn't it - I can't complain though they have taken care of me for a few years now and it is just a matter of hanging in there till you finally reach the right person.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

First Bloom

The first bloom on my passion vine. I almost missed it - my room mate was outside and poked his head in the door and asked if I had seen this big red bloom. Well I just jumped up and went to see what he was talking about and low and behold it was the first bloom - about two hours later it was gone. I have hopes that now that it has started blooming it will keep it up. Too bad the blooms last only one day.

I have been tied to the phone for two days and am looking forward to a third day on Friday playing merry-go-round with some government agencies which all tell me to call the other one. I have a lead on one lady that may be able to help me and have left her two voice messages yesterday and about three today besides talking to a gentleman who said he would pass my file to her so I am hoping she calls me Friday. Since I have dial up it means staying off the computer.

Feeling better - not so sick as I was. Thanks for all the well wishes and concern everyone showed. I hope to catch up on everyone's posts soon.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Sorry I haven't posted lately I have been sick and still am. Hopefully this won't last too much longer. I can't even think of anything to post my head is so full of cotteny feeling. Later.

Friday, June 02, 2006


Here is baby Marisa. She is doing fine - keeping all her doctor's appointments for shots and check ups.
At last a picture of Grandpa holding the baby. Mom was right there beside him but he was so afraid he was going to drop her because of his arm not working well. Almost got a smile out of him.

Grandpa gave me his credit card and sent me to Wal Mart while he and Step went to see the other daughter. The one things that Steph didn't have for the baby was a baby bath and some baby towels and wash clothes. I stumbled on a real deal on the towels - a nice big towel and wash cloth for half price. Got a nice baby bath that will convert into a bath for the baby when she is bigger. I just love buying baby things especially when I have some one else's credit card.

Torch Flame

This is a Torch Flame Blanket Flower. It just keeps on blooming. I pull the dead flowers off and keep it moist. I am going to buy some more if they have any left. Get rid of those Gerber daisies - they have mold on them and I don't think they will bloom any more.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Learning More

I am learning more about blogger thanks to some blogger friends. Who knew when I started this that I didn't know squat and now I know a little squat.

First of the month. Rent coming round again - seems we just paid it. Time is just flying by. Not for my room mate though - he went to the doctor today and they gave him a shot in his shoulder suppose to help the pain. At least the doctor put his mind to rest about there being something still wrong in there. He just needs some intensive therapy now to get those muscles working right again.

And I am going to get out of the house tomorrow even if it is just to go to the store. Haven't been any where for a few days and need to get out. Take that back Steve drove me - yes he drives better with one arm then I do with two - to check my mail - bills of course - but that was just a quick trip to the post office.

When I get a little money this month I am going to get rid of the Gerber daises - they are getting mold on them and I don't think they will bloom again. I want to get this flower that is pretty and is just blooming and blooming - I'll check out the name and have a picture tomorrow.