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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Baby Granny

Here is the first full size granny square I have done. It looks kind of neat to me. It is for my room mate's daughter's baby.

Things are going along slowly with my room mates surgery - we talked to three different people and one who makes the decisions we couldn't get hold of. Now that he can walk he is really noticing how much his shoulder hurts.

I have started taking some supplements that the Web MD recommended for arthitic knees. Mentioning them I have found out that a lot of people take them - they are glucosamine and chondroitin. They say it takes time for it to start working I just hope it helps because it costs an arm and a leg - or knee.

Better give up the phone line in case one of the doctor's call.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Last dog

Was reading another blog where dogs were mentioned and it made me recall the last dog I had. It came from a litter of pups that a dog my mother insisted I take.
It was the runt of the litter and I do believe the neighbor dog had something to do with it. I had homes for the rest of the litter but this one I wanted a special home for - no children since it was shy - maybe an older couple. I started calling it precious and two years later decided that it had found a home - with me.
She thought she was a person. When you talked to her she would move her mouth like she was trying to talk back.
When she was little I had to go to the bathroom in a hurry and she followed me in there and started to use the bathroom also! She just thought well that was where she was suppose to go. It wasn't hard to get her to go outside - she was a smart dog.
We went to the store one day and when we returned she was outside - I had left the window behind the couch open and she knocked the screen out. I was afraid she had hurt herself falling out the window but it wasn't a long fall and there was a bush there to cushion it. After the window incident when ever she wanted to go out instead of going to the door she would climb on the back of the couch and try to go through the window. I finally had to move the couch so she would start going to the door again.

When I had to leave and go to an abuse shelter I had to leave her behind - it broke my heart. My ex said that he found her a good home with an older couple - I hope so - I really loved that little dog.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Amber and her Mother Posted by Picasa

This is my room mate's daughter Dawn and his grand daughter Amber. I was so pleased when Amber asked if she could call me grandma. His grandchildren are the closet thing I will ever have to grandchildren. And now I know why grandchildren are so popular - you can send them home with ma or pa sooner or later.

At last I went for my follow up mammogram this morning - now I wait, at least a week before they decide if something more needs to be done. I was feeling a little down when I got back but read Patchwork Reflections and her post made me feel better though it made me want to shed a tear - maybe it is time for a nice hard cry - someone once told me that tears washed the windows of the soul.

Doctor for my knees again tommrrow - I can't wait, can't hardly walk. Hope he comes up with something.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Moocher with Steve Posted by Picasa

Moocher and Steve Posted by Picasa

Moocher and Room mate

The cat has decided that the bed is OK but he does lay there for long. The walker is OK too as long as it is standing still.

Room mate is doing better goes to the doctor Thursday and we will find out more about his arm.

I get to go to the doctor on Friday and get to find out more about my knees.

It's a pain getting old and I mean a real pain.

Guess I better go we have the eight year old to watch today as there is no school - she just woke up - guess she was really tired. Have to see if she wants to eat now.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Barns Family Posted by Picasa

Here is my sister in Ohio with sons, daughters, son-in-law and new baby - a few of the other kids are still at college. They wanted a six pack of kids and got them. My sister is an artist and homemaker and so many other things. She has a husband who helps and supports her in her pursuits. The kids help each other out a lot. Each child plays at least two musical instruments and have excelled in their schooling. The one boy is skipping eleventh and twelth grade of high school since he already has a few college credits towards college - I think I have that right.
We are all very proud of the family and look forward to meeting the latest, little Kayla, in the spring when they are going to come for a visit.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Deleted Blog

Just deleted my double2knot blog - just too much to keep up with two blogs. So I will be doing my complaing on this blog too.

Medicare - gave me the wrong information last year about enrolling for part B now I am having a time with several people wanting to send me different papers but I at last got hold of a lady that asked if I just wanted an enrollment paper and I told her yes with a great sign of relief. All this past year I needed that part B but was told last year that I didn't need it because I had Medicaid - which was wrong and they told me it would cost me $66 a month - which was wrong. Hopefully I can get it sorted out and have the medical coverage that I need.

Hope no one else out there gets caught in the Medicare paper work. At least they did enroll me in a good part D for my prescriptions.

All's Well

Here we are already well into the new year and things are going well. My room mate is receiving physical therapy at home three times a week. He is doing well - getting around very good with his walker and even able to take a few steps but he sort of wobbles and you just feel so sorry for him.

We have had so many visitors. My room mate's family had a death in the family and a wedding planned for shortly afterward - so a lot of his family was down here passing through to Miami.

As for me my round of doctors starts again. My sister Maria had a mild stroke and it is a wake up call for the rest of us to lose some weight and stay on our blood pressure medicine. Don't neglect your blood pressure.

It is all of 44% down here right now - really nippy for us and suppose to be colder in the morning. It won't last long though we will be sweating again next week. I like the cooler weather - you can always bundle up but when it is hot there is just so much you can take off.

Hope everyone out there is enjoying their new year.