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Saturday, June 23, 2007


Between the two of us Steve and I manage to grill some ribs once in a while. Cleaning the grill was always messy till Steve leaned it up and Moocher decided he would help us out by licking the burned stuff left on the grate. He was in heaven just licking away - it was almost a shame to take it away from him. One of Moocher's favorite places to sleep is on the bottom of the grill - when not in use that is. We start barbecuing and he starts hanging around. The strange thing is we give him some meat and he won't eat it. Cats strange creatures.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We have loads of green tomatoes. I think the plants were a little late setting because they were pulled lose when they fell over and the roots had to grow again. For once I think I have my fill of green tomatoes. I have been picking them off the one plant that is in it's own pot.
Getting more egg plants on my bush now. Can't wait till this one gets big enough to pick. They won't get as big as a regular egg plant because of being in a pot.
Here is another egg plant - it is sort of a strange one. Looks like it tried to make two but is coming out one strange egg plant.
At last our first ripe tomato. Too late I picked it before I thought of taking a picture of it on the plant. Guess I will cut it up for supper and see how it tastes.

Looks like Steve is going to have to live with his arm like it is. The new doctor said there was little hope it would be fixed with another operation and Steve may be worse off. The doctor has given Steve time to think about it but Steve has made up his mind already that he can't go through another surgery and fear that he may not be able to move his arm at all.

Had to cancel my doctor's appointment yesterday my truck wouldn't start but I have another appointment for Thursday. I will go along with what ever the doctor suggests no more putting off getting my knee taken care of. Wish he could just give me a shot like he did for my shoulder - which needs another shot too. I dread having it operated on.

Well at least things are happening now. It has been hurry up and wait for a long time.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Ta da!

What a nice day it is turning out to be. The rain has started - it is just coming down in a drizzle right now but hopefully we will get some stronger rain.
Here is my latest try at shorts and they fit. The legs are a little long but that is no problem I can shorten them up on the next pair I make - yes I said the next pair - getting back into the sewing mood after all these years.

Just finished playing merry go round for Steve with his doctor's and worker's comp. I think he will be getting his appointment soon with the second doctor. The nerve doctor's office promised me they would fax there finding right over to Dr. Green to I would give it till Monday then call Dr. Green again for an appointment. Steve just isn't any good at sticking with playing the bug-them-to-death game in order to get anything done.