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Friday, March 31, 2006


We had dinner early this evening - couldn't wait for the crab legs. I only cooked the two smaller ones I am holding in the last post and one more. We ate our fill and there is still some meat left over I just dumped in the left over butter - oh I know what I am going to nibble on around midnight.

Room mate Steve is snoring away on the couch - it has been a long day for him and he ate well for a change. I try to cook what he likes but with out getting much activity he hasn't been eating much.

These crab legs only come into a certain grocery store about twice a year and Steve's friend let him in on getting some this time - we only bought half a box - which will do us just fine. With the shrimp - a bag of which we have to have tomorrow because it wouldn't fit in the freezer - we are set for sea food. Still have some cat fish left from the five pound box I bought on sale.

Gee I think a little rest sounds good to me too. It has been a long day for me too.

Legs - Crabs that is

Room mate returned with goodies. Alaskan snow crab legs and shrimp. The two I am holding are about the smallest ones.

He likes my hair. Better cause it is my hair after all.

This is a picture I took - was trying to smile. I like my hair much better - so light and airy and cool.
Now if I just had a sister like sueeeus to fix me up with makeup - but lipstick is about all I wear any way.
Wait till my room mate gets home. When I returned he was gone leaving me a note that he had gone for the Alaskan crab legs. Which means he is getting together with his buddies and they will sit around and talk for a while. He really needs an outing like that I am glad he got to go without me.

I took my camera and asked the young lady who cut my hair to take a picture. She said I was the third lady in a row who wanted their long hair cut off.
They put me down as an adult cut and I had to tell them I got the senior discount. Gave the young lady a nice tip though.

Sueeeus Inspireded

This is before - long, hot, heavy and could only pull it back in a pony tail. After reading sueeeus blog she got me moving and this morning while my room mate was sleeping I took myself off to Fantastic Sam's.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Changed Again

Maybe I will settle down to a template I can live with now. This one has a place for links already now I just have to learn how to do that procedure.

Room mate's buddies called tonight - they are going to try and get those giant Alaskan snow crab legs again Saturday and we can get in on it. Yummy - I know now how to fix them better and I insist on real butter this time - not the fake stuff. Hope they pull it off.


I am calling upon help because Blogger seems to think I know everything there is to know on blogging - gee I don't.

I did manage to put a Link site on my blog but do not know how to list the blogs. Don't assume I know a thing about it because I don't - a real duh here.

I want to list my daughter's book review blog which is very good and a few friends.



Just realized I have been blogging for two hours now - been round the world and in my back yard. Moocher has come in twice to eat and try to distract me from the computer. Maybe it is because I slept so good last night. Went to sleep watching TV and never moved - TV still on this morning - they do say that TV watching puts you in a Delta sleep like mode.
Hope we have the kids again today - I will have to think up something interesting for them to do. They tired Grandpa out yesterday also but it is so much fun to see them. We don't get to see the oldest, eight year old Amber, she is living with her father in Bradenton with his sister.
Amber's father has throat cancer and is going through treatments. We all think she should be with her mother but mom doesn't seem to want to keep her. Wish we could have her here more often but she is enrolled in school down there now. We don't make judgments but can't help thinking how things could be better - but they are adults and will do what they will - it is Amber we are concerned about. If we could we would bring her to live with us but they won't let us.
It looks like it is going to be a beautiful day. It gets daylight so early right now but that will change soon. Spring forward - lose that hour. Not that it matters right now with Steve not working.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Babysitting Masks

Here are the three little ones with their masks. We watched them while Mom went to a doctor's appointment. Of course Grandpa Steve and Grandma Darling had to try the masks also which brought much amusement to all.

The Right Hook

No not boxing right hook but the right crochet hook - the one I bought on ebay. Now that I have the right size hook the poncho is going a mile a minuet. I guess I will get to wear it next year cause the weather is warming up here fast.

Blue Coverlet

It might be a boy - Steve's daughter is getting closer to her due date and everyone who has seen the sonograms are about split in half as to if the baby is a boy or a girl. I can't tell. So I am whipping up another granny coverlet in blue and white just in case.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Picture

It is the underside of an overpass. We were stuck at a light for a while and I thought wow wouldn't that be a nice picture.

I have decided to keep my large print template - I can read what I wrote a lot better.

Been out side potting up some moss roses - just love them but couldn't find any of the really red ones. Moocher was with me all the time. Until I turned on the hose then he retreated to the porch.

I bought something called a blue daze - never grew them before but they are suppose to take the heat all summer long - if it works out I may buy more.

Gotta go - sounds like the room mate is up and I fix his coffee for him. He over did it on our trip - wasn't really ready to drive just to Leesburg but he goes for therapy this morning.

Interesting Picture

This was taken while we were stuck in traffic for a few minutes. I think it looks neat.
Took the trash out and was cold - it is all of 52 degrees here. It looks like it is going to be a nice day but we need nasty one with the rain falling in a steady drizzle. It is so dry here.

Monday, March 27, 2006

My I am changing.....

Thanks to Abandoned in Pasadena I now have - I hope - a pop up window for my comments.
The print on my new format is LARGE but I like it - easier for these old eyes to read. But any hints on how to make it smaller?
I guess I could go to my blog and try to leave a comment and see what happens.
I don't do word verification because after a few spam comments they stopped.

Moocher Still Loves Me

The cat still loves me. After cooking chicken for yellow rice I had to let it cool off - I take it off the bones - it was the perfect time to take a rest. As soon as I laid down on the couch Steve says Moocher ran over to me - jumped up on me and took a nap with me. Hated to disturb him when I awoke but had to get dinner done.
When we returned from our trip I was calling Moocher and I could hear him calling me until he got about ten feet from the porch - then he decided to sit down ignore me and start grooming. I had to go down the stairs and pick him up and bring him in the house. Cats - can't tell me they don't have feelings.

Changes Are Good

Changed my format - got tired of all the lines in it. I think I will like this one better.
I am going to mention this one more time - when we returned from our trip I kept thinking something was missing in the yard till I realized this morning it was the bags of leaves - they are gone - where I don't know but I certainly am happy about it.

Road Trip

Well we are off - a little late but the wide open highway is in front of us and we can go away for a couple of days. Steve wants to see some of his family - we have been stuck at home since last December and now that his arm is doing better we just had to get away.

Our trip took us round the bend in the road......

........and down dirt roads.

This is why we couldn't find a room - there was a bass tournament in town and almost everything was booked up. All the boats were gone to the tournament so I didn't get pictures of them.

At last we found a motel room. We won't be staying there again though - no coffee in the rooms.

Having failed to reach any of the family - Steve and I decided to go to Sonny's and buy take out. We were standing in front when who should show up but a lot of the family going to Sonny's to eat. They were pleasantly surprised to see us. Five minutes later and we would have missed them. We just took our take out inside and we all ate.

Carolyn - Steve's sister - who cooked us a wonderful roast for Sunday dinner.

We did see this sign but the store was closed so we couldn't ask if they had any barbeque smoke.

Home sweet home. Posted by Picasa

Home at last. Steve did push it a little far with his arm driving but we made it back safely. A fun time was had by all.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

More to Come.....

We are back from our road trip and I am going to try and post pictures tomorrow. To tired tonight - catching up with all the blogging I missed while I was gone.

Friday, March 24, 2006


Well they picked up the trash but not the bags of leaves. What am I going to do with all those leaves - stop by someone's house who has bags of leaves sitting out and hope they can tell me how to get them picked up. On second thought that may not be a good idea - I can either call the trash people or my landlord - someone should know. Everyone's leaves must be going somewhere. How I long for the days when all these leaves would be a treasure just waiting to make some nice compost for the garden.
Gotta go - appointment to keep.

One of those nights

Can't sleep - get sleepy, think oh boy just hold this feeling till I get to bed - head hits pillow - wide awake. This has gone on all night.
My room mate has trouble sleeping also. When he is working it isn't too bad he is tired but now that he is getting better he stays up late and wakes up late.
I am a morning person if it is ten am and I haven't done something I feel half the day is gone.
Totally different subject - we had some rain here yesterday. It wasn't enough to do much good but it did settle the dust and pollen.
I thought the pollen wasn't bothering me too much as I am not allergic but it affects my breathing and sends me into coughing fits. Inhalers to the rescue.
I should be receiving my size P crochet hook soon. There was some mix up as to whither I had paid or not - I did - ebay and PayPal just lost me in the shuffle with my one little order. Hopefully this size hook will be the one to make the poncho with. I don't know how many times I have taken it out but I should have it done by next year's cool weather.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Hunting with her dog Moe. I have been an avid fan of Rawlings works for years. In my collection of her books I have several first editions - I have the common ones to read. They are safely tucked away right now because I don't have room to display them. If you are from Florida you will know the name for those of you who aren't she wrote the book the movie 'The Yearling' was based on.
She was a hard working, cussing, drinking and smoking Northerner who came to Florida to start a new life. I am not sure how many years ago it was that they made a movie of 'Cross Creek' which was a biography of her life at Cross Creek. There is no town at Cross Creek there is Micanopy which is near by and noted for it's antiques shops.
A few years ago they put together a collection of her short stories that were written for magazines, etc. I am waiting for the next book to come out - there are still a lot of her short stories out there.

MKR House

This is the front of MKR's house. You can not take pictures inside because the flash makes the artifacts deteriate.
MKR had the first indoor toilet and bath tub in the area and threw a big party to celebrate it.
It is fascinating to go through the house. Every year the people who volunteer plant a garden and can the goods on the wood stove in the house.
Her books have been traslated into languages world wide.
If you like the old Florida look up her works. You will be pleasantly surprise.

Sleeping Spot

Moocher has decided that I fixed that spot just for him. He keeps going back to it to sleep. If I don't move that hose before I turn the water on he will get a rude awakening. He is just enjoying having me outside with him.

Leaves, leaves - Everywhere

Nice cool day today - sent Steve off to his therapy alone so I could make some sort of start on picking up some of the leaves. Getting a system down using an old flower pot but still have to take fregent breaks for my back and knees. Bummer getting these aches and pains - when I was younger it would be nothing to get it cleaned up - now well I have to learn patience - a lot of patience.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hospital Bed

Well the hospital bed is gone. Things are moving right along. Therapy again Thursday.
My doctor Friday. Been putting that one off - she will want to know if I am keeping up with all my other doctors. Ugh - it gets so tiring.
It was very nice of our landlord to bring the couch right over once I called him and told him the man was taking the hospital bed out right then.
It looks like a living room again. Steve is already taking a nap on the couch just like he used to before.

Steve stuck in the corner. Posted by Picasa

The couch is back. Posted by Picasa

The Cat

I was telling how we came to have our cat in a comment and decided to post a little more about him. He thinks he owns us. Working on my garden in pots I moved the bigger pots out from the house and he thought I had made the perfect place for him to lay in. Have to get a picture later.
When my room mate and I decided to throw our lots together - we had known each other for years, we rented in the same place but the hurricanes forced us to move - back to the cat - we moved in the neighbors moved out - that is another story and not a nice one - they must have left the cat behind. I thought at first he belonged to someone in the neighborhood and Steve said 'Do not feed him.' At first I didn't but I noticed he was losing weight so I started secretly feeding him - I think I was feeding him for a month before Steve found out about it.
Now Steve had never had a pet cat before and everything was strange about it to him. He didn't even know how to pet him. Everything the cat did Steve would ask me why is he doing that. Steve named him Moocher because he mooched off us...and Moocher just loves Steve.
Now Steve feeds him and gets a kick out of him wanting some petting from him and is always calling me to look at where Moocher is sleeping or what Moocher is doing.
The picture is from last year before I made a cover for my computer chair - as you can see Moocher just took over.

Well I better get off line in case the man who is coming to pick up the hospital bed calls - I still have dial up and tie the phone up when I am on line. It is going to be nice to have the couch back.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I removed AdSense from my blog - I get nervous messing around with the code but I must have done it right because the ad is gone. There is still a lot I don't know about computers - thank goodness there are a lot of people in the family who do know and I can call upon their help.


Went with my room mate to his first therapy session so I could fill out all the paper work.
Things went very well for him and he says he does believe that his arm is loser now. They didn't hurt him like he thought they would.
The doctor set it up for four weeks but the therapist said it is going to take at least eight weeks to get his arm back in shape. That was because it went so long with out therapy so his pelvis and hip could heal.
Bet he gets back to work and is very careful about how he stands on a scaffold. His friends at work say there have been some changes so that doesn't happen to anyone else. We heard that another guy fell off a scaffold and landed on his head - it killed him - I don't think he was still working for the people my room mate works for.
The people who were suppose to pick up the hospital bed called Monday and asked if Wednesday was OK - same gentleman who delivered it and set it up. So the hospital bed should be out of the living room soon - just when Moocher was getting used to it.
Planned on picking up leaves this afternoon but slept the afternoon away. They aren't going any where and my room mate showed me the guy across the street just piled his leaves neatly around one of his oak trees - I think I am going to try that.

Ad Sense

Added AdSense to my blog and now I want it off but I have to wait till I hear from them before I can do anything.

One More Picture

Shucks I saved the wrong picture - this one is fuzzy. This is the last picture of the amaryllis I will post because they will start to fade now.

My room mate and I go this morning to get his therapy started. He is so afraid his shoulder is not going to get better. He is already planning on what he can do if he can't work any more. I thought I was a worrier but he does his share he just doesn't talk about it too much. His arm has been hurting so much and I wasn't saying anything thinking if he is taking the new pain pills something must be wrong but last night he said he hadn't taken any that he was saving them for when his therapy started in case it hurt a lot.

We both can't seem to sleep this morning - that worrying thing again.

Ate my peeps - that does it for the year. I like to look at all the Easter candy and baskets in the stores. Though you really don't get much in the baskets I used to make my own.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Potted Garden

At last some flowers in pots. One good thing about pots I can always rearrange them.
The second picture is of leaves - as far as the eye can see - or I want to see. Project for tomorrow start picking up the leaves.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Getting Ready to Grow

You can see in the first pictures how neglected my plants were. Under all those leaves I kept finding pots. I am going to have to buy more plants - whoopee.
Once I get all the leaves gathered up I have to put them in trash bags. I hate to waste them but there is no room for a compost pile or box here.
I just did a little at a time - wanted to get more done but can't over do it.
Even Steve was trying to rake with one arm till I told him to stop that he might hurt hisself and he agreed - one armed raked doesn't get it especially with your left hand and you are right handed.
It may be a small assortment of potted plants but it is my garden and it is so much fun.
Now that Steve took me to Lowe's once I don't think I would be worried about going there myself. They have one whole end with a big sign that says Garden Center on it and you can go in there and not have to go very far into the store for most garden stuff.

Ornaments 2006 Posted by Picasa

Yes I know it is March but I am determined to get as much done before Christmas this year as I can.
I like the little wreaths - used to find the rings in the curtain section but now the stores have them in the craft section.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Does this mean I can drop my hair off and go shopping?


Amaryllis Blooms Posted by Picasa

Having trouble with posting today also with uploading pictures from the post site - used Hello.
So tired from yesterday I didn't get outside early like I wanted to. I know I shouldn't over do it - maybe if I rest some today I can work a little in the cooler afternoon on my garden in pots.


Things have gone so well the last two days that we decided to barbeque some chicken. Of course with Steve only able to use one arm I had to put the chicken on the grill, baste it with sauce, take it off - but he lit the fire and keep an eye on it - he is a great barbequer.

The hospital bed will be out of here Monday and hopefully the landlord can get our couch back Monday or Tuesday.

Steve starts his therapy Tuesday and it is near by in Sun City Center not way up in Tampa.

I at last have my rake that I was going to buy a few weeks ago and some flowers to go along with it.

Things are looking up.

Barbeque Posted by Picasa

Moocher waiting Posted by Picasa

Mmmm..barbeque Posted by Picasa