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Sunday, April 30, 2006


Having trouble with Blogger and my server again so if I didn't visit your blog I will try again tomorrow. Have a nice day.

Georgia Amaryllis

This is my daughter's amaryllis in Georgia - just getting ready to bloom now. The original bulb came from her great grandmother, to her grandmother, to her mother and to her. Since she doesn't have children I suggested a favorite aunt who likes to garden to pass it on to once it sets more bulbs.

Most of my bigger plants come from my grandmother's garden. I found out the other day that her little house is no longer there. With no one living in it to keep it up they decided to tear it down. I don't want to go out there any more things have changed so much. I would rather remember swinging on the porch swings and talking about all sorts of things - hearing tales from the past.

I must find the picture of Grandmother Nobles driving her riding lawn mower. She bought a brand new one and within two weeks had bumped into and tore off everything that was lose enough. She promised faithfully that she would not put it in fieth gear and go so fast - and there she goes right into fieth gear and tearing up everything. She was a very feisty lady who worked sitting with 'old people' till she was almost eighty. Before that she cleaned in the retirement community.

She is missed by everyone.

Almost A Smile

Steve had almost a smile on his face when we got home Friday. By the end of Saturday he was smiling. He started doing the exercises and everything the doctor told him to do - no matter how bad it hurt. He can now lift his arm all the way up but only with help - he still can't lift it by it's self.
It looks like we are going to make it to the family reunion after all. Which means I have to throw a few things in a bag. I already bought an extra card for my camera and batteries so I can take pictures. A lot of the family is coming this year who don't usually come. Steve's family reunions are really nice. Everyone is so nice to me - they just took me in like I was one of the family. It takes almost a whole motel to have rooms for everyone except the ones who live in Leesburg already.

So I won't be posting next weekend. But I will be back with some family pictures.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Arm

This is the long lonely hall way they set me down in - just two chairs - to wait for the doctor to come out and tell me about Steve.
The procedure went very well. They broke lose the ashesions and he has full range of movement of his arm. Now it is up to him to follow through with going to therapy and doing therapy at home every day or he will end up having to do it all over again.
They had numbed his arm and shoulder and it didn't start wearing off till late last night.
It was a long day but a good one. I even drove Steve's truck home from Tampa - which for me was a feat in it's self. I just knew I had to do it and with Steve directing we didn't get lost.
Thank you all for your support.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Fivethirty - AM

Yes that is when Steve's procedure is set for. So I won't be posting tomorrow. Thanks for all your good wishes. We hope this goes well.

Kitty Love

Server Again

Every time I go to my post page I start getting 'illegal operation' and will be closed down signs but they don't close me down. I have sent several messages to my server and am still getting the message only not as much as before.

My room mate has had a rough couple of days. He has been sick and what has made it worse was he was thinking he wounldn't be able to see the doctor Friday. They have to sedate him to move his arm. He thinks they are going to put that big pillow streacher thing on him again. That may very well cancel our trip to the family reunion.

He is really worried about his work. It is goning to be another six weeks of therapy after they try to move his arm.

Prayers and positive thoughts most welcome here. It seems to work for Steph - she is doing as well as an eight month pregnant woman could.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tree Trimers

The tree trimmers came and went and didn't do much damage. You can hardly tell they trimmed the trees away from the wires.
A little fuzzy but it looks like a terrible accident has happened - they are all laying on the ground. What it was is lunch time - after eating they streached out and rested for a while.
Even the tree trimmers fly an American flag.

Footnote: My post on the Philippines the pictures were taken from the web. The only ones I have are too faded and in a sepia color. Need to go see my Mom and borrow some of her pictures. I wanted to show pictures of the food. Guess I may have to cook my favorite dishes and take pictures - yum.

Forgot -Very Important

The Philippines is made up of over seven thousand islands. Only about seven hundred of these have people on them. So a very important part of transportation are boats. There are small boats, medium sized boats and big ferrys that run regular routes just like the jeepnys and buses.
Hope you have enjoyed this trip back in time with me. More to come.

Philippine Transport

If you wanted to go farther then a tricycle could take you then there were the jeepnys. They were originally real jeeps left by the American military after WW II. Here again the owners personalize their own jeepnys. Ridding in one is crowed and sometimes smelly. They cram the last possible person in and sometimes some one is hanging on to the back. Chickens, food, think of it and at some time or other you will be riding with it on a jeepny.
For longer trips like going into Manila you caught a bus. These used to be crowded and people used to climb in the windows to get a seat. I understand now that the military oversees the buses making sure people line up and don't all try to push on at one time. Maybe that is were I learned to just push ahead of a line - my manners have gotten better over the years.

Philippine Memories

One of the things I liked in the Philippines was the public transportation. We lived in a small town Kawait, Cavite just south of Manila. If you just wanted to go for a short distance you took a 'tricycle' - which was usually just a motor bike with a side car but they came with the owners personal touch.
You could put a load on a tricycle.

Got Him

Poor Little Fellow we had to put him to bed and give him medicine for his tummy.
This is where I caught him yesterday - he was trying the plants again. After tempting him back in the house with more Slim Jims - which he wasn't up to eating - I have to keep a better eye on him - maybe I need to put a sign on the door 'Don't Let Little Fellow Out'.

The tree people are back. They have been trimming the trees away from lines all week and now it is our turn. About three yesterday they drove there trucks into our driveway then hung around till about three thirty then wrapped it up for the day - our tax dollars at work.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My Flowers

Here is Moocher just hanging out with me. I do believe he thinks I put those flower pots around just for him to lay between.
Thought you were going to see flowers didn't you. One day they were fine the next day this is what I found - leaves all eaten, no flowers, poor little plants I am afraid they are gone. Never fear though I stopped at Lowes and bought two replacement plants though for the life of me I can't remember the name and it is still dark outside so I will have to get that bit of info later. The new plants are suppose to stand up to the heat of summer and need to stay moist so we will see what happens.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Restless Legs

Every one was so helpful when I had a headache I thought I would ask around about this - the restless leg thingy - where you keep moving your legs. I used to drink sweet pickle juice - don't have any right now, something to start a new grocery list with. For a while I took quinine pills - something else to write down - see if they still sell them over the counter but you have to ask for them.

I have been up since two and it is almost five now. I have to keep moving my legs as I sit here and type. This bout isn't as bad as some I have where I have to walk and with bum knees that isn't fun.

My room mate's therapy was for nothing. He has to go back Friday and they are going to put him under and try to move his arm. The doctor told him he wouldn't be able to stand the pain if they didn't sedate him.

We had a small spiral cut honey ham for Easter and I put some of the meat and the bone in the freezer - well yesterday I cooked them up with great Northeren beans. I started early so they were done about one thirty and we started eating them. We would eat a bowl then wash our bowls and spoons then go back a little later and have another bowl - we put quite a dent in that pot of beans. Now I can 'hear' my room mate all the way from the back bedroom. He kept making a point of stopping right by me last night every time he had to do what beans do to you. I don't seem to be affected the same way - though I was laughing at myself after I got out of the shower cause every time I moved - well you get the picture.

Tried to post this earlier but blogger wouldn't publish so I am trying again.

Amaryllis Seed

These are amaryllis seed pods. I don't usually let them set, I cut the stem once the blooms are gone but since this is the only one that bloomed I thought it would be interesting to show that not only do they propagate by bulbs but also by seeds.
This is the inside of the seed pod. The seed is small the bigger black looking things must be a way for the seed to scatter.
In case you forgot this is the amaryllis that bloomed and the blurry picture I took of it.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Another Easter

Steve's oldest grand daughter, Amber and her father stopped by so we had another mini Easter with her. Once again the jelly bean pooping bunny was the hit of the show. We don't get to see Amber very often any more. She is eight and will soon be nine. Amber doesn't smile too much any more - her dad is sick. He must have tremendous will to get out and drive. He has a few more weeks of radiation and chemo treatments then they wait and see if they got the cancer. He is going ahead and planning the future.

Up Late and Sleeping Late

Well my headache is gone - just a little sorness in my neck which leads me to believe it was more of a tension headache.

I have to look around for Little Fellow - haven't seen him in a few days. I keep leaving out slim jims and they keep disapearing so I know he is eating.

Moocher doesn't get can cat food too often but I had to give him his worm medicine and mixed it with half a can of cat food - he decided he loved me to pieces. I know you aren't suppose to give milk to a grown cat but when the girls were here we bought a quart of milk and after giving in to temptation and having a glass - I am lactose intolerant - decided that Moocher could have the rest. Steve gets a kick out of giving him some milk and watching his little tongue just a going drinking it up.

My Daughter's House

My daughter sent me a picture of the front of her house and some of her gardening. It is a turn of the century restored house. Macon is trying to reclaim neighborhoods by restoring these houses. When I was there one year I saw one they had tried to work on and it had collapsed.

The tall tree is a pecan tree. It sets lots and lots of small pecans every year and sheds lots and lots of leaves every year.

What you can't see in the picture is the first set of steps you have to go up - then there is the second set not so many.

The white gate across the front is to keep the doggies from going into the street. They have a very nice closed in back yard that they run free in. The cats - well they just go where they want to.

She has added more potted plants since the last time I was there. In the foreground you can see some of the flowers she planted this year.

Her husband shares her gardening and even built a screener one year to sift the dirt where they wanted a garden in the back yard because there were so many small rocks. They are slowly getting plants established.

They are very proud of their little home. I am proud of them for working so hard to keep it up. Thank goodness her husband is a handy man - besides being very, very, smart.

When she sent the picture she told me they had a chipmunk in the house. They think it came down the chimney - did I mention she has two fireplaces. The chipmunk is now trapped under a book case and I suggested she buy one of those sticky traps and she thought that was worth a try.

Headache 2

I would like to thank everyone for their suggestions to rid myself of my headache.

As I learned during the day of different methods I tried them all. Drinking a lot of water seemed to help. A sinus pill helped some.

Still have some tension in my neck so I think it was a combo headache - tension and sinus and maybe not getting enough water. I usually drink a lot of water and take water with me when I go any where - maybe I slacked off on that not knowingly.

Hopefully with a good night's sleep it will be gone in the morning.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Woke up with a whooper this morning. I seem to be getting more headaches lately and am not sure why. I used to suffer from terrible headaches years ago - I hope they are not coming back.

OK, my server is trying to close me down again. I guess I have to do some more adjusting on this antique of a computer.

Friday, April 21, 2006

A Late Easter

We got the girls late Thursday night. Cobie was with his mother so we had to send his bag home with the girls. This is Jasmine exploring her bag of goodies.
Jerica with her cotton candy.
Jerica on the floor with her bunny - the jelly bean pooping bunnies were the big hit next to the cotton candy.
Here is Jasmine with her cotton candy. We wouldn't let them eat their chocolate bunnies till they had some real food. They they were just licking them so they would last longer. They got to spend the night and we all had fun.

A word about Steph, the girls mother, they released her from the hospital today - maybe it was everyone's prayers and positive thoughts because from being very sick she started to improve rapidly. We thank everyone.

I have a very jealous cat on my lap trying to help me type - whoops there he went since I couldn't type and pet at the same time. He'll get over it.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


For those of you who have been following my posts on Steph, Steve's daughter we learned last night that she is getting worse. She has water in her lungs and around her heart. Her leg was so swollen they did a sonogram to make sure she didn't have a blood clot. She does have pneumonia. So far the baby seems fine. They are monitoring her very closly.

All prayers and positive thoughts are welcome. She is such a small frail thing that any sickness hits her hard. She won't be getting out of hospital soon.

We are going to try and get the kids up here with us. Steph doesn't like them to stay with her mother - they act like wild things after staying with her. I won't go into detail but Dawn, the other sister was the one who took them there instead of bringing them to us.

Steve is off to see his doctor today to see what is to be done about his shoulder. He isn't looking forward to it but has come to accept that he has to go through what ever it takes to get his arm back in shape.

Kitty Love

Moocher just loves Steve. Here he is telling him 'But I love to sit on you Dad.'
Then it developed into a full stretch out sleep and Steve couldn't move. I don't know how long Steve let him sleep on his stomach - for someone who Moocher is their first cat Steve has fallen head over hills in love with him.

Moocher loves his new brush. I have totally spoiled him with it now and he expects to get brushed all the time. I need to buy one of those wire ones though because this one doesn't get all the loose hair.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Super Super Wal Mart

Well it opened today. I walked around sighing and just fiddling with things till Steve said around two or so that he had to take me down there to take a look or I wouldn't be happy - gee how did he know that?
Warned sternly that we did not have to cover the entire store - that it was going to be there for a while I was very good. We only went to the photo shop - found a new digital camera I have been saving for.
Of course we went to the sporting goods store and I found the clip on polarized sun shades for fishing to fit my old pair of glasses - came home and promtly dropped the glasses and broke the frame - I can fix it though.
Had my picture taken with the Cheetos Tiger. They kept giving us free stuff and we didn't get a buggy so we were juggling all this stuff in our arms and trying to fill out a paper to get a card for Wal Mart - got a free umbrella - Steve gets to keep that one in his truck. The guy pulled out a screw driver set and I just laughed and said we had so many of those at home already.
Turned my old camera to video instead of regular pictures but going through Picasa it made still pictures. The video is just a few seconds and really not worth the effort.
Well after the long wait the day has arrived - now I can go wander around Wal Mart. Steve's sister Eloise is a shopper - she can shop for hours and not buy a thing.
We lucked out on a parking place someone was pulling out just as we were driving down a lane.
Only met one set of neighbors but I am sure we will run into more as we get used to going.

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Oriental Market

On the way home from the hospital we stopped in the Oriental Market for me to pick up a few things. It is just like a market overseas - crowded with just about anything you could want. I hold myself back from getting too much.
Here are some of the goodies I bought - my coconut vinegar of course, I like to cook with it and it makes a nice pickled cucumber. Some flavor for rice, overseas they use the leaves of some plant to cook the rice in but the flavor is the same. Had to pick up a jar of pineapple gel - delicious. Some Korean cookies - not at all what we call cookies but soft and filled with something.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Gas Prices

Gas prices are going up again here. We don't buy our gas from this place we just stopped in for a soft drink. Steve gets to use regular in his truck but mine is so old it only runs good when it has the expensive kind in it. At least I don't use much gas. As long as Steve is not working he isn't using much either but I sure hope the prices go down when he goes back to work - sometimes it takes him an hour each way to get to work. I don't know what upsets him more the work or the long drives he has to take.


Here is Steph - she looks so small in that huge hospital bed. She is doing much better. The hospital is going to make sure she has the medicine she needs when she leaves. Her - excuse me Stupid doctor wouldn't give her the antibiotics because of some sort of paper work.
She had a contraction but didn't know it until the nurses showed her on the paper monitor. Hopfully she is on the mend now.

Steph in Hospital Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 17, 2006

Things are working!

Can you hear it? Just washing it's little motor away now that it has the proper 'juice'. Even the water is getting hot now. Things are looking up.

Steph is doing better and we tracked down the kids to her mother's house and I may watch them tomorrow. Then they will get to have an Easter here. I also bought new coloring books and crayons for them to keep here with the other toys.

Steph says the doctor doesn't think they will do a C section - the baby is doing fine. Even Steph sounded better on the phone today. She doesn't want me to get around her - she knows how easy I catch any thing that involves the lungs. I know she would like to see her Dad though.

Six Weird Things

This is the first time I have been tagged so bare with me.

1. I must sleep on white sheets and pillow cases - most of the time - for some reason they just help me sleep better.

2. I wake up at midnight and surf around on my computer.

3. I love oriental food that would make most Americans gag - lived overseas for a while and developed the taste.

4. I must have my kitchen clean before I start to cook, while I am cooking then I don't give a hoot if anything doesn't cleaned up till the next day.

5. I don't like to drive but if I want to go any where by myself I have to. I don't know if that is weird but most people think it is.

6. Most people except my room mate and people who have shared hospital rooms with me don't know that I am a terribly loud snorer - I mean shake the rafters snoring. Should see if something could be done about that.

Now I am at the hard part - I don't know how to list the next six people to pass this on too - any help?

Mister Moocher and Little Fellow

Oh I was so excited by Cucoo making it home I forgot that I managed to take a few pictures of Little Fellow trying to make friends with Moocher. Here he is trying to have dinner with Moocher as you can see Moocher just ignored him.
Little Fellow tried to snuggle up with Moocher but Moocher is giving him that what do you want look - so Little Fellow may have to be around awhile before Moocher likes him - he is a very jealous cat. But I bought him a new brush and he is loving the extra grooming I am giving him.
Little Fellow seems to be every where now. I let the guy out of the vase!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Fly Mask

Here is the horse with it's fly mask on. I missed seeing the owner put it on. The horse seems to be adjusting to it. Still a little nervous but once she knew it was me she came right over.