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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Living Will

It was only when I went for surgery that I realized that my Living Will was hopelessly out dated. The witnesses had moved away, my daughter's name and address had changed.

I urge any one who has a living will and it has been a few years since you made it out to take a look and see if you need to update the information on it.

Gee, now I can only count to nineteen - the doctor took the offending toe off on Friday. Not having much pain - just frustrated that I can't go any where right now. Have to take sponge baths which I never feel really clean after one - you need a nice soak in the tub or a good shower to feel clean.

Seriously I feel better with the toe gone. It was getting blisters and I couldn't wear shoes for very long. By getting it done now I am going to avoid any infection that may happen and it will heal better. The doctor totally agreed with me and said he wished more of his patients would listen to him instead of waiting till it may be too late. That is what my father did - he wouldn't let the doctors take off his toe and he let it gone so long they had to take off his leg and he never left the hospital - he passed away there.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Baby enjoyed Christmas

There was no shortage of people to pay attention to the littlest one on Christmas Eve. The little one enjoyed watching everyone tearing open presents - she got some of her own but those toes were still a favorite with her.

I see blogger has it's blocks back. Picture uploading is just so much easier this way.

My computer is a half way resorted state. I can get on the net if I am quick enough to turn the speedband that Juno has off. It just didn't seem to be doing anything but get in the way and when I had to restore my computer it wouldn't let me on the net at first - now it says I can't use it any way so why pay for it. Talked to the nice people at Juno this morning and they are taking me off it.

Here's hoping my computer holds up a little longer.

Pictures on Blogger

I am totally spoiled. I became so used to the button to up load a picture on blogger that I almost forgot how we used to do it before. Hope blogger gets those buttons back soon.

Almost a new year here. It seems like time is just flying by.

Working on my computer it decided it would stop working for me and I had to restore the original setting which meant I lost some updates that I forgot to save and now I can't find them on Microsoft. Oh well at least it is working now - the email wasn't affected so that was good.

Jasmine with presents

  Posted by PicasaHere is one little girl that wanted to open all her toys but we had to make her wait - she had more Christmas at her house.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Eve

I have a new angel. My daughter sent me a box of goodies for Christmas and amongest all the cookies and gourmet coffees was this angel. Isn't she pretty?

We had a whirlwind Christmas Eve. All the kids had to open their presents here on Christmas Eve because they will all have to be some where else on Christmas Day. We had wrapping paper every where. Dawn became the offical paper picker upper. We have a lot of bags of trash - seems a waste - maybe I can come up with an idea for next Christmas that won't cost so much though we still have wrapping paper left.

Cooked a ham and assorted side dishes. Everyone cleaned up most of the ham but I went ahead and put the bone in the freezer while it still had a little meat on it - great northern beans and the ham bone sounds good. Last time I didn't save enough meat. We have another ham to cook on New Years. We couldn't find one big enough so we bought two.

I will post some pictures of the kids as soon as I sort out some. All the kids are having at least three Christmas's with Grand parents, fathers, mothers, etc. I know we all spoil them. It was hard to keep the little ones from opening their presents at our house but they had to go ahead and leave to open presents at their house then they are off with their father to open presents at his house.

Here's hoping everyone had a very Merry Christmas.

Learned something new with my email how to change the fonts and the color. You would think that after all these years I would know but I just never bothered with it before - so if you get an email from me in a funny color that is what is happening.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Inside the beautifully wrapped gift my daughter sent me were four yummy lotions, a felted bowl and knitted wash cloth that she made herself. I couldn't have been more pleased. I was rubbing all four lotions on at one time yesterday. I hung the grapes from my computer desk for now so I can see them.

Also had another nice birthday surprise - Steve bought me a card and two different types of cherry candies. Put the word cherry in front of anything and I will eat it.

My sis took me out to lunch at the Red Lobster - wow - we thought we would end up taking some home but we ate the whole thing. Thanks again sis - that was a lot of fun. We also got to stop at Michaels, Jo Ann's and Wal Mart.

It looks like we have Christmas wrapped up now - literally - everyone taken care of. Steve took his daughter Steph to Beal's Outlet and let her pick out some clothes - it is the only way to keep her from spending any thing we gave her on the kids or her husband.

All I have to do now is go shopping for dinner tomorrow. A honey spiral cut ham is a must. Maybe some mashed potatoes and gravy - the rest I will play by ear.

If I don't get a chance to say it, here it is:


A tear has come to my eye thinking of all my bloggers friends who have read my blog all year. Thank you.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Trouble with pictures

Is any one else out there having trouble with blogger loading pictures or is it just me? They are clear on this end but blurry when blogger uploads them.

Happy Birthday to me

Well another year has rolled right along and here I am having another birthday so soon. All year I have been telling people I was 57 - just figured it up and it is this birthday I turn 57. So I get to stay 57 for another year.

Have a doctor's appointment ( of course) but my sis is taking me then we are going to go have lunch and when we return to my place I am going to open the beautiful present my daughter sent me. I want my sis to see how lovely it is wrapped. Can't wait to see what is inside.

We still don't know when Steph is going to come over. I really don't like these last minute deals - the same thing happened at Thanksgiving. We do know that Amver, Dawn's daughter will be here Christmas Eve.

Been watching the Rice Crispy treats ads on TV and they sound really good. Haven't made any in years. I bought some Christmas Candy but between the three of us it is going fast - may just have to buy another bag. Speaking of Christmas candy I can't believe the different candy canes there are now. I bought a Hershey chocolate with a hint of mint and a Spree boxes of candy canes - my they have come a long way from just plain old mint canes.

Going shopping for Christmas dinner soon. Ham and lemon merigue pie is about all I have on my list. I think mashed potatoes and gravy and some vegetable and maybe a salad. Dinner again don't know if I am going to cook Christmas Eve or Christmas day. I am going to let them sort it out and not let it bring me down. I just want to see the kids open their presents and get lots of pictures.

Monday, December 18, 2006

No room

Help - Dawn keeps buying presents and I wrapped what we got the kids and what I got Steve. With the stuff that Steve's sister brought us the kids are going to have a lot of stuff. Just when we though that this was going to be a very small Christmas things have turned out pretty good. Steve is going to give me a tune up on my truck for my Christmas present - not very romantic but I really need it and it would be a great present for me.
Boxes stacked up. Bottom is my Christmas box from my daughter, middle is Dawn's CD player her dad bought her on top of that is this big old bear that we stuck in a box and of course my birthday present on top. No I haven't peeked yet. I have a doctor's appoinment on my birthday so I think I will wait till I get back before I open it. It has such pretty wrapping it seems a shame to open it - almost - oh what the heck who am I fooling - can't wait to dig in it. Had to relocate my nice card holder. I do have one window I think I can put it on just have to get some more Christmas cards.

Time is getting close. I have a few more things to do so if you don't hear from me I am being a busy elf for Santa.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Squirrels Again

I know I said I wouldn't feed the squirrels again but they were so desperate looking for any tidbit left. Here is the neighbor's cat thinking he is going to get a squirrel. I watched him and a squirrel do a staring contest the other day - the squirrel won.
The cat thinks if he sits close enough to the tree he can get a better shot at catching a snack - saw him try it and the squirrel won again. Moocher has given up - he tried and figured out there was no chance he was going to get a squirrel so he doesn't even try.
Here is a squirrel getting some corn. I put the cobs in the feeder that is suppose to hold a block of food and they manage to turn those cobs and get all the corn off. Some falls on the ground and they get that also. The squirrels chase each other - we watched four squirrels chasing each other the other day until they settled down to one on the feeder and one on one side of the tree and two others on the other side - they must have been buddies.

Well now that my squirrel story is done - I just can't wait till my birthday and we have all Christmas shopping done except for two people. Steve wanted to buy Dawn a CD player and I thought she already had one so I asked her and she said no and she would love one. That just leaves Steph - she is hard to buy for because she likes to buy clothes - I guess a gift certificate would be good for her. We got to buy some isty bisty clothes for the kids. Shopping is so nice when someone else is paying. Of course it is Steve's family we are buying for but he insists I put my name on the tags also. Isn't he sweet.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Birthday Box

My daughter said I could open my birthday box because the present inside was wrapped. She did such a beautiful job wrapping I get to admire her work till my birthday - almost, just almost a shame to open it up. No I didn't shake it or try any of the other tricks to find out what is inside - sigh, I will just have to wait.

I know I said I wouldn't do it any more but I bought some more corn for the squirrels. They were looking all over for any little tidbit that was left. They are onto the cats now. I watched as a squirrel stared down a cat that was waiting at the bottome of the tree. I think the cats are getting the idea that they can't reach the squirrels fast enough to catch one. The feeder is high enough that by the time a cat tries to reach it the squirrel is gone. The little critters check the area around the ground for cats before picking up any corn that spills.

Looks like we might get to go shopping today. I have to figure out how to get Steve to let me go into Beal's Outlet by myself - it shouldn't be too hard. Dawn mentioned they had some Guy Harvey coffee cups in there and she wanted to get her Dad one - so I said I would try and stop by there.

Well the therapy people sent Steve home with a paper for some exercises to do at home and they would turn their report into the doctor. They told Steve the therapy was not doing anything for him - which he knew already just no one would listen. The doctor went through all the papers yesterday and told Steve he may never regain the use of his arm again. They are going to set up a funtional test to see how disabled he is and I guess we will find out what to do next. The fact that the scaffolding he fell from had no safty rails on it may play an important part. Steve doesn't know what to feel - he said he is going to take up a hobby of some kind if he can't work. He can't fish. He is in pain most of the time. I think he should have another doctor look at it. All we can do now is wait for the test and see what they say.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Boxes and Anticipation

Here is the fish my sis gave Steve. It is so soft and cuddly I am going to have to make the children take turns petting it. In the back ground are some of my angels.
You can see my angels better in this picture. The one in the glass dome my sis made for me many years ago. Others I have just collected over the years.
This is the photo that my sis Lissa took and framed for me - maybe I posted it already - it is a bee on some bluebells.
...and not the bit the lest two boxes tempting my patience. One is for my birthday and the other is for Christmas. My b-day is the 20th and of course we all know when Christmas is. Can't hardly wait. Now I need to get my daughter's box mailed off - they are in the middle of moving so I am going to ask for a signature confirmation that they received it.

Monday, December 11, 2006

New Angel

My sis gave me a new angel for my tree. She is lovely and dressed in my favorite color any shade of purple. She has porcelain legs arms and head that move. I will treasure this little angel. Have to get a picture of the fish she gave it - haven't put it up any where because every one wants to hold it and feel it it is so soft. Finished the flamingo's legs but they still don't look right. Oh well, I guess I need to practice some more.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Family Gathering

Here is one of my sisters getting our feast of Philapino food ready. It was a special gathering because my sister from Ohio is down here for a few days with her youngest daughter.
Kayla looks like she is going to follow in the rest of the families foot steps - she really enjoyed playing with the organ.
This is all of us, no husbands, etc. Seems we don't get together any more unless something special like my sister coming down from Ohio.
My sister Lissa from Ohio. She gave us our Christmas presents - my was a beautiful picture she took of a bee on some blue bells. Seems everything she turns her hand to is wonderful - she has that artistic talent that runs in the family.

Friday, December 08, 2006


My first tries at amigurumi dolls. These are not for children but for adult kids. The flamingo is still missing his legs but I am working on it.
I liked this little bear and just thought he needed a mess of orange hair.

I am working on a harder doll, and the pattern has mistakes in it so I am going to have to figure it out. Not too many days left till Christmas.

My round of doctors will be finished up on the twentieth - unless they come up with something new. Steve goes to his doctor soon - his arm is in worse shape now then before. We just don't know what else to do except talk to his case worker and ask for another doctor. This one sees you about five seconds doesn't examine you and is gone. Something has to be done.

Ho, ho, ho, Santa has been busy

Thanks to Steve's sister the kids will have a lot of presents this year and some of the adults will get some also. All those packages barely fit under the tree.
Found a star for the top of the tree. Didn't like the white cone you stick it on the tree with - it stood out too much - so I painted it green. I think it looks much better.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Short Post

No pictures right now but I will take some of the amigurumi dolls I am making for my daughter - it's OK if she reads this she knows I am making them.

Having a little bit of trouble with the pattern but my daughter emailed the lady who put the patterns on line and even she said there were mistakes - so I am going to have to wing it. One nice thing I learned how to make a magic ring again. Used my Crochet School book. I am going to post a picture of the instructions but don't know if you can read it or not.