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Friday, September 30, 2005


Well I started another afghan. I am using white with all of them and this is the second pull skein of yarn I have gotten that tangled up and I had to rewind it. The next three afghans are going to be small- one white and blue, one green and white and another pink and white. These should go faster then the first one.

I sat down on the floor (my crochet books are on the bottom shelf) I looked through everything I had - tried about three patterns and just didn't like them for the kids - so...yep - I am going to use the same pattern. I know the pattern by heart and since these afghan are going to be smaller it shouldn't take me long at all.

My Sis and I are going to go yard selling later if everything works out - I haven been to a yard sale in a long time. Hope we find a bargain.

One more thing I am going to take the word verification off my blog - now that I know how to get rid of spam I just want to make it easier for people to post.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

It's Done

Yes - finished it up last night. My yarn became tangled up and I spent more time untangling then it took to do the border. Now I get to put it away for Xmas and start on the next three.

Found some small scrunchie bands for the little ones - they are thin so I will double them and crochet them - there are lots of patterns for crocheted scrunchies out there.

There should be pictures of the pink afghan on this post if I did it right. Getting a little better finding my way around Picasa and Hello.

Note to my sis that frog pouch sounds like just the thing for a little boy. And you put marbles in it? Please yes bring the pattern or copy it.

My Moocher was trying to wake me up and I knew he had to go out but fell back to sleep. He kept at it though till I woke up. Been spoiling him with some left over chicken - just a few bites at a time. When that is gone he is really going to snub me for a while. I may have to cook him some chicken of his own. Don't know how my room mate will feel about that - he thinks the cat rules now anyway - don't they always?

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Pink Afghan

One more row of pink and on to the border and it will be done! I'll post a picture before I put it away for Xmas. I was up early so was working on it at four or so this morning.

After not making afghans for a while (have one half done) this has seemed to take a long time to finish. Hopefully the next three will go faster.

And I have the Xmas ornaments to work on. I remember now - my sis reminded me - I made the granny square ornaments for everyone only I made them with thread and embroidery floss and stuffed them with fiber fill. My sis actuarially still has one. Well big surprise she gets one or so out of yarn this year.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Do believe I am getting a little better at this picture business. I added them all at once though so let's see...

Rescued chives - since I have been down with my knee my plants have suffered - I forgot about my chives they were hiden behind another plant - they are on the porch now so I won't forget them.

Moocher on my computer chair - I had to wait till he decided to lay on the floor to try my hand at the pictures again.

A better picture of the Granny Square Stockings - some times my camera takes better pictures outside then again sometimes it takes great ones inside - afraid it is a mystery to me - still learning digital cameras - hope to get a better one for Xmas.

Should be Moocher again - getting ready to lay down - he is giving me this look like we gotta share this chair lady.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Mentioned the rings I bought before - still haven't found them - getting ready to go through every bag I have stuff and projects in - still don't know why I didn't put them with the Xmas yarn!

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Granny Stockings

Sorry the picture is so fuzzy - I will try again later for a close up. These are made with a five pointed granny square - folded over (wrong side) single crocheted up and leave a long thread to make a loop for hanging. The cuff is added on after you turn the stocking - then folded down. I found that the first row on the cuff should be a single stitch after that it is anything you want.

Well, Moocher, my cat, has decided that my computer chair is his bed. I was finished with the computer last night and he was laying in the middle of the floor so I picked him up and put him in my chair - he immediatly turned a few times and went to sleep and there he was this morning when I woke up.

Wanting to get the pink ahfgan done has been helping my knee - I have been resting it instead of over doing it till it hurt. I was so glad when I woke up again this morning without my knee hurting. As soon as I finish this I am going to settle down and start crocheting - have all the little things I do everyday already done, like making the beds, etc. The only thing I missed was taking this bag of trash out - sometimes the trash truck comes so early.

My sis is posting pictures on her Blog now with Picasa - I have to work on getting her address on here. Let me try one more time - oh well - my address book won't let me enter the address because it doesn't have an @ in it - any help out there? If you get to my sister's blog she has some wonderful beads and ring that she did herself after seeing one at a craft show.

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Monday, September 26, 2005

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This Was the Third Try

This was the third try and I put my picture in my documents then pulled up Picasa2 to load the picture into the blog. I remember now I was using Picasa2 before. Hope you like the picture of the pink afghan - at last - as much as I have been talking about it.

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Picture Second Try

Well here I go second try - this time it should be just the pink afhgan.


Getting ready to see what pictures my blog uploaded from my camera - may be a lot of tomato plants but that pink afhgan should be in there somewhere.


I didn't have anything to do Sunday except rest and work on the pink afghan - I was amazed at the progress I made - it won't be long now before I can start on the next three - mean while working on the Xmas ornaments and my felted bag.

I have decided I am just going to take my time with the bag and not try to rush it. Just when I feel like working on it.

I want to post a picture but have to wait till the sun is shining so I will have more light outside. Guess I will have to learn how to post a picture all over again it has been so long since I did it.

On the knee front all that sitting and crocheting yesterday let it rest and this morning has been the first morning it wasn't hurting - till I started walking around but nothing like it has been.

Saturday, September 24, 2005


I mentioned in my last post that my speed was picking up - it really is - the pink afghan has strips of white in it and before I knew realized it it was time to change colors. Of course I had to take a break every now and then my hands cramping but the strength is building up in them again. It doesn't seem like it is going to take forever to finish it now.

Still working on the Xmas ornaments now and then. I have to find the rings I bought I put them in a bag and don't know which one. Should be the one with the Xmas yarn in it but I was so tired I may have to do a little digging.


I mentioned in my last post that my speed was picking up - it really is - the pink afghan has strips of white in it and before I knew realized it it was time to change colors. Of course I had to take a break every now and then my hands cramping but the strength is building up in them again. It doesn't seem like it is going to take forever to finish it now.

Still working on the Xmas ornaments now and then. I have to find the rings I bought I put them in a bag and don't know which one. Should be the one with the Xmas yarn in it but I was so tired I may have to do a little digging.


I mentioned in my last post that my speed was picking up - it really is - the pink afghan has strips of white in it and before I knew realized it it was time to change colors. Of course I had to take a break every now and then my hands cramping but the strength is building up in them again. It doesn't seem like it is going to take forever to finish it now.

Still working on the Xmas ornaments now and then. I have to find the rings I bought I put them in a bag and don't know which one. Should be the one with the Xmas yarn in it but I was so tired I may have to do a little digging.

Friday, September 23, 2005


Just saw the world's fasted crocheter on the news. She doesn't even look at what she if doing. It may be super fast but I wonder how many mistakes she makes.

My speed is picking up but I still slip up and have to pull out a few stitches.

Check out my sis's blog - she is so creative -

I don't know why the address isn't lighting up I think I have it right.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

A Very Nice Day

A very - very nice day spent with my sis. She took me to the doctor for once it didn't take very long. Then.... we went to find the yarn store. We were looking sharply because sis said it is probly just a hole in the wall - we saw the sign we pulled in and right in front of us was - a hole in the wall - they were taking apart a store thank goodness it wasn't the yarn store that was next door.

When you go in you smell yarn and coffee. Yarn - wall to wall - all sorts all kinds. Sis said it was better then a candy store. We had to watch it we wanted it all. We saw samples of felted items like bags and potholders, mostly knitted things but some crochet.

I bought two hanks of yarn and we used a swifter and ball roller to make them into balls that pull from the inside. I did one and Sis did one - it was fun. We are going to look around for them - maybe a little cheaper then the store - then we can share.

The hanks I bought and the larger hook if for my felted bag, yep - same one - I don't care if it takes me six more months - I took what I had done apart last night and started again with the larger hook. I will get it - meanwhile I have several other projects in the works.

We stopped at Wal Mart to try and find that sparkly Xmas yarn - of course they didn't have any - did find some plastic rings and the movie 'The Longest Yard' - I have been waiting for it to come out on DVD.

The next stop was a quick one at Jo Ann's for the sparkly yarn. Sis got her some too to make a small Xmas skirt for her small tree - which gives me an idea I also just put up a small table top tree - hum a skirt for it.

We had lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant then it was time to call it a day.

We really have fun together - yarn and hooks and Chinese food what more could you ask for.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


As soon as the pink afghan gets big enough to show up in a pic I will post one. I am making smaller white stripes on it and want to get a few rows of them done before I take a picture.

My sis is taking me to the doctor Wednesday and she has found a real yarn store near where we will be. If we get a chance we are going to stop by. Wasn't that nice of her - I have never been in a store devoted totally to yarn.

Friday, September 16, 2005


Yes progress on the pink afghan! I do believe I am getting my touch back for crocheting. With my leg not hurting so bad my mind can think about what I am doing.

My cat and I slept on the floor last night - my stomach was upset and I have a little bucket instead of trying to make it to the bathroom every time. The cat thought he was in seventh heaven - he doesn't get to sleep with me too often but he was in bed with me the other night - he usually doesn't do that unless he has to go out then he climbs on me and starts clawing me - gently but persistently. He is some cat.

Back to the crocheting - I am going to have to really get going if I am going to make three more before Xmas - not to mention the one I started before all the trouble with my leg.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


My sis has a blog hht:// - I thought Google had a search for pictures it does they just call it images. I was checking it out and she is going to have a lot of pics for her blog.

She writes poems on the blog also. They are so nice.

I am going to sit down and get busy Wednesday - I had to take out several rows because I miss counted the stichtes but I am going to put my mind to it and get her done (southern talk thar).

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Pink Ahgan Revisited

At last I am making progress on the pink ahgan. I think it is going to turn out nicely. All I have to do is make it longer. And for the three smaller ones I will just do the same thing since the width is fine.

Made it to Wal Mart Sunday and they didn't have a thing I was looking for - red and green sparkle Xmas yarn, white rings for wreath ornaments and a few other things. Of course I was with my room mate and his idea of going to Wal Mart is get in get what you need and get out - if he had not needed an extending cord we wouldn't have gone at all. I am still having trouble driving except for short distances but it is getting better.

Miss getting together with my sis - she is taking Mom to the doctor today. Mom went to church Sunday - which is very good for her. Now that all this is getting over maybe sis and I can get away and go shopping. It is so much fun to shop with her.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Pink Pattern

At last I think I have found a pattern for the pink afhgan. Since I am making these in child sizes I thought to look at baby blankets and there one was - bigger then usual which is just what I needed - all I have to do is make the legnth longer.

Xmas ornaments are coming along fine. The same basic pattern but different colors and yarns - closer to Xmas I will try and get a picture on here.

My sis started a new blog - crocheting and art - hh:// = the address is not lighting up so I may have it wrong. I will check it out.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Yarn Store

My sis found a yarn store not far from where I have to go for a doctor's appointment in a few weeks. I have never been in a real yarn store before - I better take some money but leave the check book at home!

My daughter asked if she sent me some money would I buy her some yarn but we changed that idea - I wouldn't know what to pick out for her. I have some yarn I have to match for the felted bag so I will take a label and sample.

Isn't my sis wonderful. We always seem to have fun together - and this is while my leg is still sore - just wait till I get to where I can get around better.

Well I think I will take a nap - up since midnight this time - did doze on the couch some though. I hope this hurting in the middle of the night stops soon.

My Mom is doing better. Next Tuesday the doctor sees if they can take out the rest of the stitches. Sis says Mom's face is looking better.

Friday - room mate working Saturday so I guess we will get groceries on Sunday. He was looking at my grocery list - with out his reading glasses - and thought I have written a shovel and a rake on there - going to put him to work! What it really said was a shower rack - his bathroom needs one. That was so funny.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Felted Bag

Alas I have had to set aside the felted bag for now. My daughter told me to use a crochet hook with the Knitty Knobby and that is working but my level of frustration was too high to mess with it any more for a while. Maybe when I go back to it I will be more relaxed.

Started the pink afghan but have decided I don't like the pattern I picked out. Now I have to find another one. Well at least the Xmas ornaments are coming along - I crochet one when I want to do something quick.

Back to square one again and I had all the numbers worked out for down sizing the afghan. Been up since two with my leg hurting - a call to the doctor is on the list today - it shouldn't be hurting this bad.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Knitty Knobby

Well - thought I had figured out the Knitty Knobby - after reading the instructions a dozen times and trying the French, ha, ha - but alas I guess it is not to be. The stitches keep getting tighter and tighter till you can't hook them off the posts. Seems that I did this when I was about ten years old - many, many, years ago - maybe I need to find a ten year old to show me how. I am suppose to make the handle for my felted bag with the Knitty Knobby. Now I am turning to my daughter who knits for some much needed advice. It says I can knit a tube but I don't know what that means. I can knit a basic stitch so if I can go back and forth then I may be able to do it. Wish me luck.

Sunday, September 04, 2005


Finally figured out what I was doing wrong with the ornaments - they are going a mile a minuet now. Getting better with each one - after all I have been away from crocheting for a while.

Going to be time to start the pink afghan soon now that I am warmed up. I am thinking of cutting the size down so I am going to have to do some figuring. The other three I am going to make I think will be half size - like I said some thought is going to have to go into this project.

My felted bag is coming along - started the second color on it and the sides are developing now. Can't wait to felt it.

Friday, September 02, 2005


The stiches are out of my knee, my mother is home from the hospital and I have stocked up on enough yarn to finish several projects that I have planned.
My sis and I made it to Jo Ann's and as good as that was we are planning a trip to a real yarn store as soon as my leg gets really well.
We had a long day - it is a long wait in my doctor's office because he takes kids and emergencies in first and he is the only orthopedic doctor in the area. I didn't have time to see my Mom but plan on talking to her later today. She is glad to be home.
Think I got tired out yesterday and a nap is on for this morning - I wake up very early.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

At last Thursday is here. My mother had surgery yesterday so the first stop is the hospital to see her then off to my doctor - who knows how long we may have to wait there and then off to Jo Ann's.

Have all my yarn needs written down - couple samples of yarn I need to match - my coupons. All set - I just hope I get to go now.

Working on some Xmas ornaments yesterday afternoon - knew I was too tired had to throw one away - still don't know what I did wrong but it wasn't worth trying to take apart. I am slowly getting back to crocheting. Being able to think with out too many pain pills helps a lot. My leg not hurting so bad helps a lot more.

I even feel like trying the camera again - but don't hold your breath - haven't put a picture on my blog in a while - I may have to learn that all over again.