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Saturday, September 27, 2008


I blogged about these snakes a few years ago but a snake story brought them to mind again. Years ago when I was living in the country and had a garden I had a pair of black snakes also know as indigo snakes living in my yard. The female is always bigger then the male. The male was shy and would take off when I went out side but the female would hang around with me in the garden.
I can't really tell how long the female was but it had to be at least three feet or more. I used to go to the neighbors and beg them not to kill the black snakes as legend has it that rattlesnakes will stay away as long as they are there. They eat mice and other small things too.

I haven't seen any snakes around my new place but did see a couple at the old place. Brown rat snakes.

Another snake story: before my blacksnakes moved in I was getting ready to step out my back door when I paused for some reason and looked down and there was the biggest cotton mouth I had ever seen. It's eyes were blue which meant it was shedding it's skin and was blind and would strike at anything. I just eased the door closed went back in the house and got the rifle and went out the front door and it was still curled up there so I shot it. I would have tried to chase it off but when their eyes are blue they are very cranky and we had small children as neighbors then. I put it in a bucket and showed it to them so they would know what to stay away from. Too bad I had to shoot it but sometimes with poisious snakes it is the best thing to do when they move into your yard and make it their territory.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Simmon's Park Part 2

Back at Simmon's Park. Here are two posts that have been there for as long as I can remember. They block a wide space so people won't be tempted to load or unload their boats there. On the other side of the park is a large boat ramp with lots of parking for cars and boat trailers.
New palm trees starting to grow their leaves out. They were newly planted a while back when I went to the park.
All around the park they have these little walk ways you can go out on and fish or just enjoy the view. They used to have benches on them I guess they rotted away or someone stole the ones from this walk way.
A nice view from the walk way. You can see part of the railing they have all the way around so people won't fall in.

AIP suggested I tell the tale of the way ward raccoons. A few years back people started feeding the raccoons and they became so many that when you drove up in your vehicle they would gather around you and it was hard getting out and shooing them away. You didn't dare leave a window or back of your truck or car open or they would climb right in after anything they could find to eat. They would try to steal your bait and fish and if you were drinking a soft drink and set it down they would be after it in a flash. The park posted do not feed the animals signs and stopped people from feeding them. I don't know how they got rid of so many raccoons but you don't see any now. They are a nocturnal animal and being out in the day was unusual for them. I heard that one of the park rangers was bitten and had to have rabies shots - it was after that that they really cracked down on people feeding the raccoons. I have to admit it is much more pleasant now that they are gone.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Simmons Park

Made it to the lab for my blood tests today. Stopped off at McDonald's and got me a big cup of coffee - it was fasting blood work - then drove down to Simmon's Park for a while. Was going yesterday but Tommy, the handyman, came to fix my bathtub facet so I had to wait till today. It was high tide so this is a picture of a tree that is out of the water at low tide.
These are cement blocks that they put so the sand won't erode away. There is no swimming in this part of the park only fishing.
One of our old fishing spots. The one we used to go to is all over grown now and with the tide high you can't even tell where it was.
Nice view of an island - there are plenty of little islands in the park waters. When the raccoons used to be so bad you could see them swimming from some of the island when you drove up. The park people made people stop feeding them and you don't even see them now.

I have more pictures that I will share but I didn't want to overload blogger - been having trouble getting in lately.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Family Visit

Mom and sis came to visit me and see my little house. They really liked it. This is a picture of mom in my living room. My darling sis brought me some goodies too like paper towels and dish soap and some lovely bath products.
We all went to the Lucky Buffet for lunch and of course we all ate too much. We don't do this all the time so once in a while is OK and it tastes so good.
Here's my sis in the car as we were leaving the Lucky Buffet.

Sis picked mom up then came to my place - she didn't have any trouble finding it and I had put my trash can out with the numbers on it facing the way she would come so she found it pretty easy. Need to go get the trash can but it is hot out there now. We are suppose to start having a few cool nights soon. Maybe some rain later today but none for the rest of the week.

All in all it was a very nice day. My sis brought me a shelf that I am going to have to have her help mounting it. I gave my big box of mics screws and nails and things to the mission because it was just too full to sort out. Now I have to start another box with odds and ends - I just won't let it get out of hand like I did my old box.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Peacful Day

Having such peaceful days now. Feel like my nerves are recovering. Next month will be six months since Steve died - it just doesn't feel like he has been gone that long. When I had all the kids to watch I didn't have time to think about him - now I do. I tried watching a football game today and couldn't do it - I missed watching them with Steve.

I am really keeping busy with things - reading, word puzzles, jig saw puzzles, crocheting, cleaning and guess what things stay clean for a while. I am only having to wash one load of clothes a week unless I wash my sheets then it is two but I only wash my sheets every other week - I figure I am clean when I go to bed so they aren't getting that dirty.

Jig saw puzzles - bought a different kind - it is a hologram of a bunch of different frogs. It looks really neat only I had to set it aside for now because I couldn't see the pieces. Time to break down and go get a new pair of glasses. Been putting it off but I have time now and maybe next month I will have the money.

The neighbor is taking my trash up by the road for me - taking pity on a poor old lady. I just can't think of anything I can do for him in return.

The newspaper people found my mail box - I put BIG numbers on it only they can't find my house. I am tucked back behind everyone. I requested the paper to be delivered to my porch but the closest they have come is the mail box by the road. Drove up there today to see if the paper was there again and if not go to Wal Mart and buy one - I didn't get to go to Wal Mart which is a good thing didn't spend any money.

Blogger hasn't been being kind to me lately - it wouldn't let me post. Wouldn't let me go to blogs. It is behaving it's self today.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Getting Settled In

For the first time in almost four years I was able to unpack my collection of Marjorie Rawling's books and my books on Florida. There just wasn't any place to put them in the old place. Besides I wanted them safe.
I think I am going to need a bigger coffee table. Now I can leave my remotes and puzzles and pens right there on the table and no little hands are going to get them.
My little nest on the couch. It feels so good right now with no little kids running around.

As far as I know every one is doing fine now. No one knows where I live right now and since I am still in the process of getting my nerves calmed down that is fine with me. I did tell my mother though.

Still have some little stuff to sort through and decide if I want to keep it or if it goes to the mission. Have one box for them but am not going to make a trip for one box - gas is too dear to waste on one box.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

All Moved

All moved in but not really settled yet - it will take time and a few more trips to the mission before I get things sorted out.

Wasn't suppose to have my phone service till the ninth but I called them yesterday and after a lot of waiting they agreed to come today. I missed my email and now that I have time to blog I can.

An unfortunate occurrence I can't find Moocher. Two trips back over to the old place and he was still no where to be seen. I guess all the moving drove him to the other place he has been visiting. I hope they keep him safe. I will miss him.

Had my cable hooked up the other day. The guy got here right at five and it was past eight thirty when he left. He had to change all the outside wires and call in another guy to help him. He told me he was going to come back and ground my house but I didn't know when. Someone knocked on the door last night and I wouldn't open it - it was the cable man I saw him through the window putting that ground in at about eight thirty at night again.

Things are so nice and quiet here. I can leave things laying around like the remotes and not worry about kids getting them or any one else for that matter.

I'll get some pictures when I get things sorted out a bit more.