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Monday, January 29, 2007

Mom is Home

My Mom returned to her home Friday after a few weeks at my sis's getting well from her triple by pass heart surgery. As you can see from the look on her face she is happy to be home but if she doesn't feel like she can do it my sis will come get her.

While Mom was at my sis's my other sister and her husband and Mom's church really pitched in and fixed her house up. They put in a ramp out side so Mom wouldn't have to try and go up the stairs, they painted and put Mom a new door up - they just did so much Mom was very happy.

I have had a cold so haven't wanted to get around Mom besides she said she wasn't up to visitors Friday and Sunday she went to church and I had my flat tire. Guess I will see her when I do. Would you believe there are still Christmas presents there for me! I had my surgery the same day Mom had her's if I had known I would have put mine off but I was already being prepped when they brought my mom in for her surgery.

We will get together soon. I haven't had a chance to see her but we have talked on the phone.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


This is a scarf for my daughter's hubby to wear under his coat to help keep him warm. I was surprised at how fast I whipped this one out.
This is a hat and scarf set for my daughter. The hat had a stitch I hadn't seen before called a 'lamb's tail'. I think I am going to make one for myself also. Well if my daughter checks my blog she will know I am going to get these in the mail next week.

I have the worse luck with tires then any one I know. Went to Wal Mart to buy the groceries that are cheaper there before heading out to Winn Dixie and wouldn't you know it I had a flat tire that came off the rim. A frantic phone call home and Steve and Dawn came to try and help - none of us could break the nuts loose. Another trip home and Dawn asked the neighbor if he could help. He just busted those nuts right off. Of course my spare tire was flat and had splits in it. I aired it up with my little air compressor enough to get me to the gas station to the air there - yep - it was out of order. I decided to try and make it home with Steve and Dawn following me. I made it home. At least I didn't have to leave my truck in the parking lot at Wal Mart over night. Time for a couple of new tires.

Saturday, January 27, 2007


Coffee, the reason I get up in the morning but the doctor said I could have only one cup - which cup do you think I am going to use? Have to admit that a small pick me up is necessary mid afternoon too.

Friday, January 26, 2007


The weather down here keeps changing from day to day and this is the time of year people get sick and yep - I am sick. Feels like the flu - hope not. We had a dreary rainy day and night then sunshine now it is going to be forty degrees in the morning. It would be a nice time to stay in bed if you could. Made the mistake of watching a scary movie last night now I can't sleep besides my legs hurting. Took some Aleve if that doesn't help in a little while will have to take a pain pill.

I have a crochet project I am working on but can't post a picture it is a surprise for my daughter. I have another project planned for her also - between crocheting the dolls and stuff I work on my afghan a little. It is coming along nicely now that I changed the pattern.

Steve is going to see another doctor and maybe have the tests done over to see what is going on with his shoulder. He is in constant pain now and has these twinges of hard pain every now and then. He still can't lift his arm. He says if the tests show that nothing can be fixed then he will just have to accept it and learn to live with his arm the way it is. It wouldn't be too bad if he could fish but he can't even do that.

My foot has healed up nicely. Amber the nine year old was over this past weekend and wanted to see my foot. Pulled my sock off and she had to count my toes to tell one was missing. Children are so open they don't hesitate to ask things.

Guess my next thing will be having my right knee operated on. Was suppose to have it done in 2006 but with Steve hurt and me having to drive a lot it just was not possible. Thought I was going to have to ask the doctor for another shot in my shoulder but the pain went away. May have something to do with the pain pills I was taking for my foot you think?

Squirrels are still getting fed. I am putting out lose feed now that has sunflower seeds in it. The blue jays have found it and some little finches. As far as I can tell not one squirrel has been cought by any of the cats. I have watched a cat sit right at the base of the tree and a squirrel stare him down. Poor Moocher he has been banned out side for now I have to stand there and make sure he eats or he will let his girl friend eat his food. He has another girlfriend that he is chasing around now also so when he was coming in the house all he would do is yowl to get back out side. He can't do anything but I guess he doesn't know that. He sleeps under the trailer near the duck work for the heater so I know he stays warm.

Hope I feel better soon. Oh, my legs are still hurting. This is terrible so nice and cold and you can snuggle up all warm under the covers and I have to be up with pain in my legs. Oh, well guess I will take a pill then maybe I can get back to sleep.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Maybe this will be the year I finish the grey afghan. Started it in 2005 then Steve had his accident and I was busy taking care of him and me. Most of 2006 was devoted to Christmas things. When I pulled the afghan out to start on it again something wasn't right - it was getting smaller and smaller. So I had to take out all the work I had done and start over.
Gave up on the pattern I was trying to follow - I don't think it is right about the turning - found a nice shell pattern after looking through a lot of books and magazines (Thanks Sis), the pattern is simple the instructions for the edges are clear. Hopefully this will be the year I finish it.

My foot is getting better but I still have to stay off of it most of the time. Did I tell about the doctor saying I could take the bandage off and take a shower bath what ever I wanted. That shower felt so good after washing up with a wash cloth and hanging my head over the tub to wash it. Put the stopper in the tub so some water could collect and soak my feet good. I still have to take it easy but the healing is coming along fine. If you didn't know my toe was gone or you didn't' count them you won't even be able to tell a toe is missing. I am waiting for the little ones to 'try and fix my toe' they always try to get it to stay down and I had to tell them that it was broken. I am not going to let them see it until it is fully healed then I will tell them the doctor's fixed it.

Steh is so glad to get her girls back. We haven't had a chance to see them yet but we have all talked on the phone - little Jerrica, the fived year old takes after he mother she can talk non stop and you have to be quit to get a word in. She is getting a promotion at work - She works for Wal Mart - We are proud that at least she is picking up the ball for an income for the family.

Enough gossip for now. Things are even looking up for Steve though I know he is really worried and upset that no one has got back to him.

valentines is coming up so I guess I better make something for valentines.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

and - Another Frog

Still making frogs. This one is a little larger then the other amigurumi frogs but I wanted to try it. Next one is a little dog. I think I will add wings to it and make it a doggie angel. That is one thing with amigurumi you can do just about anything you want to it. I may try making my own pattern after I get a little more experience making the dolls.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Two Frogs

Finished the second frog. Came out better this time. Practice, makes it easier if not perfect. Don't imagine I will have the frogs long once the kids come over which means I have to make one more. The baby is too little for one, I'll have to find something to make that is baby proof.

Well my bandage bit the dust there was no untangling that mess so I am wearing a white sock till I go to the doctor later this morning. Making sure I wear the boot as it cushions my foot. I will be glad when the doctor gets all the sticthes out and I can jump in the shower or bath, these sponge baths just isn't getting you clean enough.

Moocher has been banned to outside. We put his food out side. Steve got tired of Moocher coming in and eating at all hours of the night and day then just going back outside right away. He doesn't seem to want to be petted or anything. Steve is just mad at him right now I am sure he will come around later on.

There are squirrels and blue jays eating the corn at the squirrel feeder. They don't seem to mind each other. The squirrels chase each other round and round the tree before they settle down into their own space.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


An amigurumi frog I whipped up yesterday afternoon. I think it is cute. Frog got a place on top of my computer.
No this isn't a voodoo frog - I was shaping the frog's arms and legs. Making another one, it may turn out to be better. The only problem with making these little dolls is you use single crochet and very tight so you have to let your fingers rest once in a while.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Shawl Number 2

Another shawl, a long one this time. This one goes to my sis who is taking care of our Mom after Mom's heart surgery. So sis if you read this come visit - my truck is out of commission at the moment.

Next I think I will mess around with the doll my daughter wanted me to make for her but the instructions were wrong. Then I will get back on that afghan that I started in 2005 - had to undo it in 2006 and maybe with the new year I can get it made with no mistakes this time.


An assortment of coffees my daughter sent me for Christmas.
My sister gave me a thingy that makes one cup of coffee at a time. I use number four filters in it. It sits very nicely on top of my thermos cup then I pour it into my regular coffee cup. I didn't know the stains would show in the picture - my cup is so old that it has permante stains on it. I just can't seem to find another one I like. I have tried several but like the flat bottom of this one. Guess when this one breaks I will break down and use another one.

My foot is healing nicely only it seems to be hurting more now then when I first had the operation. I think because I have been over doing it with walking around.

Steve is still waiting to hear from his case worker. They take their sweet time - ugg. If I was him I would be on that phone several times a day to ask them if they had heard anything from the doctor and what is going to be the next step in this worker's comp case.

I will be glad when I don't have to worry about tying up the phone lines. I miss blogging. I am just squeezing in a little post this morning before everyone wakes up.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Rose Pin

This is the rose pin I made for my sis. I sewed the pin part on as I was afraid glue would come undone.

Should have taken a picture of the fish. My sis, Lissa, gave it to Steve for Xmas. It is just the right size to prop my foot up on the coffee table. I made my daughter several roses with different colors. It is so much fun to make them that I think I will make some more in different sizes.

Well here it is five in the morning and I have been up since four - couldn't sleep. Today is going to be a busy day. Steve's field case wrorker is coming here and my sis is stopping by again - I can give her the pin she left and I am going talk my best into letting Steve take my to the grocery store. I have two lists and know where everything is so it shouldn't take too long. Also I don't want to miss my $10 off the bill for the points I have saved. There is so many buy one get one free deals on stuff we use that I really want to go and I will just take a pain pill before we go. I could ride in one of those carts also.

My mother is doing fine. Hopefully they will move her to a room tomorrow and I can talk to her on the phone. If I can go get groceries I don't see why I can't so see her as long as I am not driving. My toe is healing up nicely and I am taking antibiotics so I think the risk of infection is very low.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Since I had my toe surgery on the 29th of December I have crocheted a hat, a scarf - which I forgot to take pictures of before I sent them off to my daughter - four or five roses, I have a picture of one of them I will post later - and this shawl. I call it my two tone shawl because I was trying to use up that type of yarn and there wasn't enough of either one to make the shawl as big as I wanted. Now the shawl has it's own place on my computer chair so when I get chilly all I have to do is pull it up around me.
This is the angel of the family. She has been keeping everyone up to date on my mothers heart by pass and for those who couldn't be there it is a blessing. My mother came through a triple by pass with flying colors. She has to stay in the hospital for a week then she is going home with my angel of a sister to stay for two months of healing.

The only thing that sadded me was when my sis asked if I could take in Mom's dog for the two months she is there - I couldn't because I don't have a fenced in yard and live right on the street. Steve wouldn't want to. I am surprised that he has allowed us to have Moocher. I don't think he would accept a doggie. The only other place is to put the dog in a kennel, poor little thing. Maybe my sis can take my Mom to visit with him once she gets on her feet.

Steve went for his evaluation last week and what was suppose to take three hours took an hour. The doctor told Steve he had seen enough. Steve said most of the time he was hooked up to monitors that recorded I guess how his muscles were doing. We are still waiting to hear about the evaluation and what the next step is going to be. The doctor already told Steve he would never do dry wall again - which Steve pretty much figured out since he can't lift his arm.

Well, I have another crochet project I am starting so I think I will get back to it.