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Friday, February 22, 2008


Steve and I volunteered to baby sit Steph's baby. We have done OK so far. She is a little doll and such a good baby.

Moocher was a little jealous at first he climbed up in my lap but let Marissa pet him. He isn't wanting to come in so often now though.

Steph works at night so we have the baby over night. So most of the time she is with us she is sleeping.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Lost in the Big City

There is one doctor that I have to go see in the big city of Tampa. For some reason I missed my turn and became totally lost. I had never been in that part of the city and found myself going around in circles. I stopped at a store and asked how to get to Armenia which is where my doctor is and the kind lady gave me some directions. Well I drove and drove and figured out I must have misunderstood her so I turned around and ended right back at the same store. This time she gave me some different directions and I followed them faithfully even when it seemed I would never reach the streets she had told me to turn on. I made it to my nine fortyfive doctor's appointment at eleven fortyfive and my doctor had already left but another doctor said she would see me before she went to lunch which I couldn't thank her enough for.

The trip home was OK except for the traffic. I know one thing going into my truck tomrrow is a map of Tampa. Maybe I should get myself a thingy that tells you if you are going north or south. It wouldn't have helped today though because I had no idea if I was south or north of my destination.

I wasted a lot of gas. I am going to make sure this doesn't happen again. I only have to see this doctor once every three months for check ups but I have to go to them.

Wish me luck for the next trip I take to the big city. Leave me to my neighborhood driving and Brandon driving where I know where each of my doctors are there.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

More Waiting

Well the big court date came and went. What was suppose to be about an hour turned into over three hours and poor Steve still has to wait three weeks or so for the judge's decision. So more waiting.

We enjoyed the Super Bowl and was very happy when the Giants scored that touch down in the last seconds of the game. We both yelled - guess the neighbors thought we were fighting! Now both Mannings have Super Bowl wins. The cameras kept showing Patten watching his little brother play and getting excited.

Haven't been working on anything lately - still need to finish my shawl by the time I do I won't need it. We are have some pretty warm weather here and this weekend it is suppose to be in the eighties. What we really need is rain. It is raining all around us but just not on us.

I have to remember not to try and go to Wal Mart on Super Bowl day any more - people were buying drinks and snacks and tables and chairs and grills and it seemed every one of them was in a bad mood. The only good thing was picking up the chicken wings we ordered. Beef O'Bradys had a table set up just inside the door for pick ups they had so many. My little order of twenty five wings and one order of onion rings was dinky compared to the other orders people were picking up. They needed boxes to haul the stuff out of there. The wings were good with enough left over that I didn't have to fix anything else to eat the next day.