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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Now the Healing

Here is the door into day surgery. We were not looking forward to it but knew it had to be done. We arrived by nine thirty and got home a little after five. It was a good thing we left a little early because road construction was going on and it took us almost twenty minutes to get through one light. None of us slept well the night before. The doctor changed the time to earlier so Dawn had no time to get any rest when she got home from work.
Steve wasn't as nervous about the surgery this time - just hoping that all would go smoothly. The hospital had this tracking chart on the wall and a number for each patient so you could see when they went into the surgery room, when they were in surgery and when they were done. After Steve recovered enough they called us to go back to see him in recovery and to help him get dressed. Every one was so nice and a few of the nurses remembered Steve from when he was there before.
I guess it was the anesthesia but Steve wouldn't even take his shoes off when we came home. After I hooked up the cooling pump to him and he slept a while he agreed to change into something comfortable.

The doctor said that the scar tissue had grown together and that one of the clips he had put in had come lose. It was no wonder that all that therapy wasn't doing any good. It was making it worse. Now the doctor says it is going to be a fine line to get Steve back into therapy as quickly as possible but he has to have time to heal also. They put that big stabilizer on his arm again and a pain pump which we go to the doctor's Friday to have removed. He is still getting the anesthesia out of his system so has been up and down all night drinking water. He has decided that the couch just won't do and is now trying the bed. It was a good thing I bought that big pillow a while back - I couldn't use it but it raises him up a little on the bed.

Poor Moocher he just doesn't know what to think. I do believe he regonizes the cooler and the stablizer he did go over to Steve and let him pet him a few minuets. We have to work out some arrangements but at least it is over and now the healing can begin - again.

Thanks to everyone who had Steve in their prayers. There was a man in the waiting room who had a bible he was reading - it looked like it had been read many times - and it was a reminder to me that a lot of people were praying for Steve. I was more nervous this time then he was.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Getting Ready

We have been getting ready for Steve's second operation on his shoulder. We will be hanging around the hospital again waiting for it to be over. We are hoping that this time the surgery will be right and he will be able to gain the use of his arm again.

I have been watching the kids once in a while after school till their Dad picks them up but told Mom that I won't be able to do that after Steve has his operation. He is going to be in too much pain for a while.

If you don't see a post from me it is because I am taking care of Steve. He is going to have that big stabilizer on his arm again and it is really hard to get around with it.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Our Lizard and Moocher

Too late I thought I should have had my camera ready. I caught a bug and put it down in front of the dryer and that little critter just ran right out and got it. I have been trying to catch some more for it and this time I will have the camera ready.

Mocher is staying in the house more now. He gets in the darnest positions to sleep but every time I get the camera ready he moves. His girl friend was back in the yard the other day but since I am not feeding Moocher outside any more - that didn't work - she has sort of lost interest. That was so funny - any other cat that comes around Moocher chases off but his girlfriend he just let her take over his food and sat and watched while she ate it.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Baby Sitting

We got to watch Jerica for a while - her she is very serious about her homework. The girls hair is at last growing out and since Mom is not pregnant any more she says she will never shave the girls hair again.


My goodness I must be the queen of yellow sticky notes. Until I saw all them in a picture I didn't realize how many I had up and this is after I took a handfull down the other day. Oh well, yellow is a cheerful color any way.

WAITING, Waiting, waiting,waitiiiiiiig

....and waiting for a download that I hoped would solve my computer problem - no sound. Some times when you turn it on there is sound and the next time there was none till all sound went away. I cleaned with canned air checked all my connections and downloaded a couple of patches, something worked because I have my sound back now. When I put my cpu back in place I was very careful with the wires. Tried to turn the computer on - nothing. Pulled it all back out and thank goodness I had just disloged the power plug.

I am so tickled my computer is running better now. Been working on it for two weeks.

On a completely different subject it is hard to believe that Sept. 11 is here already. It still seems like it just happened yesterday. My prayers are with the families of those we lost and all those serving overseas now.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Typing is Hard

Typing is a little bit hard with this bandaid on the end of my finger but I am managing.

Our phone has been out of whack for two days - no one could call in but we could call out and we can hear other people talking on the phone.

They fixed the problem with no one being able to call in but you can still hear people talking on the line and the phone company said they would have it fixed by the 8th - yes, this is the 2nd and yes I asked the person to repeat the date. I can only assume that they set certain types of problems as priority and others waaaay down the list for repair.

Steve gets to go with me for groceries tommrrow so he can pick out a nice set of ribs. We are going to try the barbque again. Between the two of us we have managed to barbque a few times. Of course he is in charge and I am just following his instructions (he, he, he). We are another set of people who don't like to fight the traffic on holidays.

Still waiting for the doctor or worker's comp or someone to call about Steve's arm. It is hurting worse and worse. He is considering asking for another surgen. The doctor he has didn't listen to him when he kept saying his arm was hurting worse and worse. We will see after the weekend what happens.

Hope everyone has a nice holiday.