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Thursday, August 16, 2007


The only thing hanging in there with the heat we are having is my pepper bush.
The red peppers are pretty on the bush but my I have dried them, made a bottle of vinegar and peppers - I guess I will just admire the bush now.

I am so tickled that Moocher has been staying in now but Steve's daughter is going to move back in with us - I hope Moocher doesn't get jealous this time. I will have to give him some extra treats to tempt him to hang around.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Fluffy Flowers

My daughter's shop on etsy is doing good. Should do better nearer the holidays. A lot of people think you have to set up a site to buy but what they want is just like ebay an email and a pass word.

Things are still hurry up and wait here. Every time Steve calls his lawyer they say they are waiting on a court date. Time is going to run out soon. It is hard to believe that in about three months Steve would have been hurt two years.

The Social Security is sending Steve all kinds of papers to fill out. At least that is something moving forward. Steve hates to fill all these papers out but I do the writing and he just helps with the info.

Been feeling a bit under the weather last few days. Had a headache for a few days - I know it is from stress.

Still working slowly on the back porch - working around Dawn's boxes which she still hasn't picked up. Took a load of stuff to the mission. How in the world do we accumulate so much junk? I have yet to take the box that has all the lose nails and screws, etc. in it - need some jars to sort the things into.

We got some hard rain in the evening and I noticed it knocked down my marigolds - hope they recover. About the only thing still growing is the pepper bush which looks very festive with it's red peppers and my egg plant which I don't think is going to set any more egg plants. I need to spend time out there cleaning up but it so unbearably hot down here right now in the high nineties with a feel like temperature of over a hundred. When you walk out the door it is like a wall of heat hitting you. I will just have to try and mess with the plants early in the morning - that is if I don't fall asleep again.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Key board

Broke down and bought a new keyboard. It is one of the el cheapo ones but I like it. It is quieter then my old one, the keys don't stick and you can see the letters! My other key board will be ten years old next year and most of the letters have disappered. The new one doesn't have some of the buttons at the top but I never used them any way.

Well we have new neighbors. Looks like they like to barbque a lot - have a grill and picnic table and lots of outdoor chairs. They also hung wind chimes on all the awnings - two per awning. I am sorry but if the wind picks up and those things make a lot of noise I am going to have to say something about it. We got spoiled with our last neighbor she was so quiet and worked all the time - she would come over and visit once in a while. We will miss her.

Steve is still waiting for a call from the lawyer. I told him I wouldn't wait I would go ahead and call and see what is going on. We have both been so worried about the settlement and the disabilty that Steve can hardly eat and I can't sleep.

My but this key board is nice even if it is a cheap one. I was going to pay a little more and get an HP board but they didn't have any in stock. Time to start setting aside some money towards a new computer. My daughter and her husband ended up getting a new computer with the refund on the one they bought for me and I returned. My sister and her husband that live in Ohio bought a new one and are having all kinds of trouble with the Vista program so I am not alone in not likeing the Vista.

Moocher has decided to sleep inside in the day time - way too hot outside but once it cools off he wants to go out. He is gaining some weight back.

Took the hooks back to Wal Mart - first they were a birthday present for Steve but were the wrong ones so I returned them and yep - got the wrong ones again - I knew better then trying to just remember what to get then to write it down. Well this time I wrote it down and got the right hooks. They don't cost much but a couple of dollars is a couple of dollars and if they aren't the right hooks they won't get used. Steve has trouble casting he has to sort of throw it sidewise and let it drift out. His friend Ty helps him with getting a fish in. Steve enjoys fishing so much it is a shame he can't do it on his own.

Getting Well

Jerrica hugging her Mom before she got sick.
Steph's new hair do. It was tempting to get a perm myself but I don't want to start that - I will have it cut short again.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sick Little Girl

We had a sick little girl Saturday. Jerrica, Steph's oldest girl was running a fever and kept falling so Steph called her Dad to take them to Urgent Care. I got to watch Jasmine and the baby.

When they got back Steph me and Jasmine went to the store and picked up Jerrica's medicine. Jasmine was tired so she was a little terror in the grocery store. She wanted every thing. We managed to get out of the store with just a bag of candy her mom bought her. I tried to talk her into getting a bag of baby carrots, she wanted it - I meant to buy some any way - but when we got home and I gave her one she ate about half of it and said it was good but nasty.

We got Jerrica's medicine. Poor little things she couldn't hardly walk for falling over. I think she slept the whole time we were gone - Steve even got the baby to go to sleep for a while. I know he was tired. This was not the way he had his day planned.

Found some more chicken breasts with the skin on - that is the way Steve likes them and fried to a crisp. I can't each much meat so I make it up in veggies and fruit. Pork chops tonight. Got some really good deals at the store - the chicken breast had the sale price on the and a two dollar off coupon off that. I think out of that package I got enough for four meals. I am cooking smaller portions now - I see no sense in cooking a pile of meat and we only eat two pieces. I am trying to eat up the left over also instead of just tossing them - I don't mean just me eat the left overs but having them the next day for supper. I remember the first time Steve saw just three pieces of chicken I had out to cook and told me it didn't seem worth it to cook that small amount - well there was one left over even. One of us ate it the next day. Now he doesn't say anything to me about the small portions I cook. The only time we cook a lot is when he barques and that is planned out so we will have left overs and some to snack on.

Moocher is totally spoiled now. I put dried food in his dish and he meows at me and rubs me till I give him a can of cat food. Guess I am going to have to start mixing half a can of food with some dried food. He is staying in the house more though yesterday when the kids were here he poked his nose in the door then beat a hasty retreat. The baby saw him at the door and got all excited she wanted to pet the kitty but Moocher decided he didn't want to come in with the kids there.

We didn't get any rain yesterday and the weather man said the heat index - feels like - 105%, it was up to 95% or more for the regular temperature. They predict no rain today but should get some more later in the week. We need all we can get the water is still low.

Well I think I am off to Walk Mart to see if they will refund the money on the wrong kind of fishing line Steph bought her dad. Steve will more then likely still be in bed when I get back.