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Friday, March 30, 2007

Spring Fever

From humble beginnings hopefully will grow my garden. Top picture is an eggplant, then a hot pepper plant then tomato plants. Last year we put too many tomato plants in the big pot. I wanted to put just one but Steve insisted that we put two in the big pot. Next I will want to buy some flowers but right now it is veggies.


Last year I took pictures of Bahia Beach as they started building condos in every inch of land they could. This is a picture of some of the condos almost finished. It is no longer Bahia Beach but has become Little Harbor. There is still a lot of work going on there and will be for a while. I just wonder where are all the people are going to come from to buy or rent the condos.

I get to go to Wal Mart in the morning, tra, tra, la, - the singing is because I get to use Steve's credit card. I am going to buy some plants and stuff to plant in my pots. This is to get me out of the house - I will brave the stairs if I have to take care of my plants.

Guess spring fever has hold of me. I can hardly go to sleep thinking of the plants I get to buy tomorrow. Steve doesn't understand about container planting he thought you had to put all new dirt in the pots which with the really big ones you don't. The small ones may need new dirt but I am not going to mess with them for now.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


My daughter sent me the loveliest book. The book it's self is very nice and it is just full of inspirational quotes. I love books and have to watch myself buying them as I don't have room except for my very special books and this is going to be one of them.
She also sent me this fish card. You can't tell from the picture but the fish are raised up from the card - sort of a three degree effect. I thank her for sending me these nice surprise gifts it brightens my days.


Was trying to post my daughter's new blog address up but it didn't work. It is still in my list of blogs but you have to copy and paste it.

Well after a few weeks of feeding the squirrels everything from stale bread and donuts to some walnuts a friend sent us and we gave up on trying to open them - they still had the husks on - we broke down and bought some real critter food for the squirrels. They were so busy trying to chase each other away from the food no one was getting to eat. I put some on the tree and sprinkle some on each side of the tree and this time I went ahead and bought another block of food to put in the feeder. The squirrels finally settled down and started eating. The blue jays found the food before the squirrels. At least the crows haven't come back. Those big old crows were eating everything and chasing everything away. I hope the doves come back. I did learn one thing during the bread feeding a woodpecker will eat bread. I thought they were strictly insect eaters.

Well Steph was suppose to bring the kids over but never showed. We haven't seen the kids since Christmas. Guess we will get together sometime.

Disable Vets sent me the nicest little note pad and some very pretty stickers and name labels. They are the only charity I try to give to at least once a year because they don't have a middle man. The work is done by the vets themselves and most of the money goes towards the good works that they do. Besides my Dad was a disable vet also. at last I found out how to do it. Goes to show you are never too old for new tricks. Check out my daughter's blogs. From this one you can go to her esty account for the cute things she is selling.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Daughter's blog here is my daughter's first blog. I don't know why the address isn't lighting up but you can copy and paste. She has a very cute blog now.


Today was a busy day for the handy man who works for our land lord. He painted our trailer and porch - even the ceiling on the porch. My but he was covered in paint when he go done. I feel bad that I didn't catch his name but did keep him supplied with cold drinks. I was serenaded by country music all day and his singing right along with the music but once the rest of the family came home he turned the music off. He ran the battery in his truck so low he had to be jumped to get it started.

Well Dawn and Amber just came in from a night at the rodeo. Amber got to ride a baby bull again. It is nice that she likes to go with her mother to the rodeo. There are a bunch of kids that go and they hold calf roping and baby bull riding and other activities for the kids.

We have just about cleaned up the crunchy ribs. I think we will be buying some different charcoal before we try to barbque again. The stuff we used kept flaming up.

My daughter has two new blogs. One is for posts and the other is to sell things she makes. The sites are in my blog list. I am not sure how to get to them from where I am in Mozilla Foxfire and they are listed in Internet Explorer. At least I have figured out how to post.

Friday, March 23, 2007


No pictures we were too busy balancing the ribs and trying to baste them with sauce and turn them between the two of us we turned out some crunchy ribs. The charcoal wouldn't stop flaring up in fire.

After a nice meal of burnt ribs we settled down and watched the new Rocky movie - just one problem I fell asleep during the fight and didn't see the end.

Once I hit that couch it is a sure bet that I will fall asleep then I go to bed and am wide awake. I will be going back to bed after I post this maybe I can go back to sleep for a while.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I think I have this figured out now - if this posts then I know how to do it. My computer is from 1998 and so is the software so I have to do a little jiggling to get to blogger now.

Land lord is having our trailer washed and painted. You couldn't ask for a better landlord. He knows that Steve with his arm and me with my knees can't do such a large job. He is also going to paint the front porch which really needs it. We are always on time with our rent and when we call him and tell him we have it he knows it will be here when ever he gets around to picking it up. The first few months we were here he would ask me if I had spent the rent money - people must do this.

Poor Steve's arm is worse off now after the second operation. His doctor told him that another operation wouldn't work and that he is going to have to live with the pain and has lost most of the use of that arm. Worker's comp still wants Steve to see another doctor to get a second opion. We will see. Steve is trying not to worry so much but can't help it.

Found Dunkin Donuts yesterday - not sure if this a good thing or not - those filled donuts just call to me. The idea was for me to get up early, get the donuts and have them ready for Steve - who likes glazed ones - to have with his coffee. Well that idea fell through when I was up for hours during the night and then slept till noon. He still liked the donuts even if he didn't get them with his coffee. There are some left so he can have one with his coffee in the morning.

Well I guess I will try to post this and see what happens.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Don't Know

Trying again

Maybe this will work. I tried posting through the edit posts and it didn't work. Let's see if this posts - then all I have to do is remember what I did this time.

Sorry still can't post

Thursday, March 15, 2007

At Last....Old Grey is done.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

I Did It!

My flowers have been blooming and almost too late I snapped this picture.

Blogger is letting me post now. I down loaded the Mozilla Firefox - that was the answer in the trouble shooting section.

Poor Steve he went back to the doctor he has been seeing and the doctor told him that another operation wouldn't help his shoulder. Steve's case worker wants him to follow through with a second opinion

Since daylight savings time is starting early this year I have to change all the clocks on things that usually reset themselves and take away the option for automaticly set the clocks.

It is nice to have figured blogger out at last - I was ready to go to another blogging site.