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Thursday, December 29, 2005


My Lantana growing beside the porch. I have to fight with people who want to pull it up - in Florida it is now considered a weed. Years ago it was brought in as a landscape plant and escaped. Up north it is still a landscape plant and my daughter has a beautiful one. They bloom in so many different colors. Time to trim this one back a bit.

Last of the Poinsettias

Christmas is over when I put the last of the poinsettias outside. I will keep it till the last leaf falls and hopefully buy new ones next year.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Sister Suzie Posted by Picasa

My sis Suzie. If there are angels on earth she is one. I don't know what I would have done without her when I was down with my knee.
The new year is almost upon us. Seems strange to think that back in the sixties and seventies we weren't sure if the world would still be here and now it is almost 2006.
The day is winding down and supper is coming up - no ham - soup and cheese sandwhichs. The ham bone is safely tucked in the freezer waiting for New Years Day and blackeye peas. Hope everyone out there has a good New Year.

Mom Posted by Picasa

My Mom. A little late for Xmas but we enjoyed the visit. They got to see my room mate and why I can't get away for too long a time.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Basket of Goodies

My daughter always sends me a basket of goodies - she out did herself this year. So much yummy stuff and even a small jar of caviar - which I have really been craving. Coffee, and cookies and candies - enought to munch on for quit a while.


My daughter's Christmas Tree - if you look real close you will see it is decorated all with Ginger Bread Men that I made for her a few years ago.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Room mate recovering

Room mate is doing better. This is the picture he didn't want me to take. The kids wanted to know why Grandpa had a sick bed in the living room. Once we explained he was hurt they were very careful around him.

The type of bone breaks he has just has to heal on its own and he has to stay still so they won't grind together. We haven't had any words yet but we have both been so tired it just isn't worth getting angry about anything.

The only trouble I have is getting the groceries. By the time I walk around in the store and drive home I am just exhausted. I have to set the bags on the side of the porch then go up the stairs and get them in the house. At least we are set for food for a while so I don't think I will be shopping again any time soon.

Xmas Day is going to be quiet. I have a ham I am going to cook. My mother and sister and her husband and brother are suppose to stop by in the afternoon. My siblings got together and suprised Mom with a dinner out after church. They are the greatest. Well with the kids done I feel like I can relax and enjoy my own quiet day - cooking and just taking my time. I'll let you know if that fantasy comes true.

Xmas Eve with the little ones

Assorted pictures of the little ones dressed in their Santa dresses. A quick pic of my room mate in his hospital bed which he absolutely forbid me to take. The kids were sweet and well behaved and loved everything they recieved.

Xmas Eve

My daughter and her husband spent Xmas Eve day riding their tantem bike on a trail about an hour from their home. She said the day was very nice.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Room mate and Xmas

My room mate is home from the hospital. Worker's Comp brought in a hospital bed and walker and a commode which my room mate says he is not going to use because he can get to the bath room. Which is OK I am using it as a chair - seems to be the right height that my knees don't hurt when I get up.
The doctors have changed so much in the last few days that I don't know who his doctor is - he took the phone call while I was at Wal Greens trying to get his medicine. I will get it sorted out Monday. He broke his pelvis in several places, cracked his hip and tore the rotor cup in his right arm.
Brandon Regional Hospital was so good to him - he stayed in there a week. Gave him time to heal up some. I have to give him a shot every day to thin his blood so he won't get blood clots. I told him I used to give my animals shots all the time - no problem but he didn't like that comment.

I think that all the shopping we are going to do for Xmas is done. There were just a few things to get for son-in-laws and one grandkid and two daughters.
One daughter we just bought a gift card for because we couldn't decide what she would like. The younger daughter who was shopping with me we bought maternity clothes for and went ahead and gave them to her as her Xmas present. She is five months now but she is such a tiny thing there is just a little bump on her tummy - she can't close any of her pants though.

No tree this year - no place to put it with the hospital bed and stuff in the livingroom. I did buy a poinsettia though and will find a place to put it.

Almost forgot my birthday this year - that would have been nice to skip one - but my sister reminded me and my Mom sent me a beautiful card and my daughter sent me a funny card - wish my scanner was here the card is a guy sitting on the toilet and all these people are looking out from the shower curtain saying Surprise.

Xmas is getting near. Time to wrap the presents - as soon as I buy more tape - always forget something.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Madison Race

At last the Madison Race pictures. First one is approching the finish line, second one is crossing the finish line - notice the clock at the top of the picture - the third picture is the T-shirt she got. She power walks and shaved off some time from her first race.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Yummy Fingers Posted by Picasa

Kayla and proud Mom Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Madison Race

Guess I am striking out with pictures today. I will try again later - perhaps the blogger is having problems.

My daughter was in her second race in Madison. She power walks. After the race her and her hubby rode their tandem bike around Madison and took in the sights.

My room mate is still in the hospital. We still don't know if he is going to come home again or go to a rehab facility till he can use his right leg. The hospital lost all his xrays and MRIs and CTs so they had to do them all over again. My room mate does not like going inside that MRI machine - too closed in.

I am just worn out from running around and going to the hospital. At least Janet dropped off the keys that had my room mate's mail box key on them and I was able to get to the bills and get them off.

My daughter was going to come down for a few days just before Xmas but we have changed that and she will be coming down in March. There was a race down here she wanted to be in but maybe next year.

My Niece

Trying to upload pictures of my niece, Kayla, guess I will have to try later something is not working right. She is just the sweetest thing - all pink and cuddly. This is my sister's last one - at 45 she thinks that six is enough. The family will get to see the baby in the spring when they come down from Ohio for a visit. My Mom and brother went to Ohio and saw Kayla. Unless my brother decides to marry it looks like this is my last niece.

Saturday, December 10, 2005


My room mate fell off a scaffolding at work Tuesday and shattered his pelvis and bruised his ribs and hurt his arm bad.
He was in Sarasota at the time so was taken to Sarasota Memorial Hospital. By Wednesday they sent him home - he got home ten at night by transport. The hospital had filled him with morphine and brought him on a strecher. It wouldn't fit in the hallway to get him to the bedroom so he had to be put on the couch in the living room. The hospital told us we would get help to care for him but only a nurse showed up to do a lot of paper work.
After two days on the couch and repeatedly trying to get up the pain got so bad he was screaming. I called 911 and explained what was going on - he was stuck half on the couch and half off and couldn't move. I can't do much lifting and couldn't help him. I had them take him to Brandon Hospital which is closer to us and a good hospital - I have been in there several times myself. Brandon Hospital was amazed that Sarasota had sent him home the next day that he had been hurt.
Well it is after midnight now and I need to get some rest so I can go back to the hospital and find out what is going on - what they plan on doing for him.
Workers Comp said we would have all this help but the only person to show up was a nurse that did a lot of paper work and took his blood pressure.
My Xmas has been put on hold. My daughter was suppose to come visit - I think I will tell her to come on down - haven't seen her in two years and really miss her - even a couple of days would be nice. She is going to be in her second race in Madison, Ga. Then her and her hubby are going to ride their tandem bike around and see the sights. They live in Macon where my daughter is the assitant librarian for Macon State college. Get the idea I am sort of really proud of her.
Time for me to get some rest. As soon as I find out anything about my room mate in the morning I have to let his family know. Maybe it is time for my room mate to consider an early retirement - now with this injury he may not be able to work the type of jobs he does.
Keep us in your thoughts - I believe the more people who have positive thoughts aimed at you the better.

Monday, December 05, 2005


Xmas shopping - nothing like it to get you in the mood. My room mate is good at picking out little outfits for the kids. I picked out some computer games for the eight year old. Have to talk my room mate into going to Best Buy or circuit City - I really didn't find the games I was looking for. I need to suggest he buy a gift certificate for his older daughter - she always wants CDs so she could pick out what she wanted.

The Xmas table cloth is on the table and I picked up a poinsettia for a center piece. Now to figure out how to put the tree up. There is really only one place it will go and that will block off the small bookcase. Oh well I will figure something out.

My daughter at home in her T-shirt she got for running the race. Notice the wreath on the door - she doesn't wait to decorate for Xmas - the turkey is barely put away and she starts.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

My daughter by Santa's sled with a happy smile on her face - race finished.

My daughter during the race.

This is my daughter finishing the race - you can see there are still people behind her.


I am going to get to go shopping....tra la la la. My room mate said he wanted to go ahead and buy some things for the kids. I picked up a few things the other day but today we go for clothes. That is if he ever gets out of bed. He didn't sleep well last night and is trying to get a few more winks in.

My daughter ran her first 5k race in Georgia yesterday in 27% weather. She power walked instead of jogging but didn't come in last. She did get a t-shirt. She is going to be down here for another race in a couple of weeks.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Doctors and more tests - ugh

Thought I would have next week to relax and get a little done for Xmas but I have to have several tests done - blood work - some from one doctor some from another doctor. Now they want me to have a CT scan with contrast of my liver which means I have to make a trip to pick up the contrast stuff at least 24 hours before I go for the scan. But first the blood work. Waiting for my primary care doctor to set up a follow up mamogram - they found something they didn't like. Called them and they said my doctor had to set up the appointment. At least one test that I have to be in the hospital for I begged them to put it off till January. It is a pain falling apart and the doctors trying to put you back together. At least my knee is better. It just took a long time for it to heal - still healing some.

There I have moaned and groaned about my aches and pains enough. I just keep going. Hopefully I will have something more pleasant to post next time.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Yes, starting on Xmas gifts now - got jump started by my daughter - she is going to come down and visit me before Xmas and there were a few things I wanted to get done for her before she got here so she can just take them back with her.

Well one doctor done and just as I guessed just set me up for more tests. Friday is the knee doctor.

Only got lost once trying to find the doctor today. Went by and checked my mail at the post office and a good thing I did - my insurance and an important paper that I had forgotten to sign. After fixing the mail up I decided to drive down to the little town closer to us and drop the mail off there.

Then I thought I might as well put some more gas in my truck because I would be driving it Friday also. The pump wouldn't work - I had to take my credit card inside - pump still didn't work so I told the man I would just pull over to another pump - truck wouldn't start - deader then a doornail. Thank goodness the drive slopped downward and I was able to push the truck a little and get it rolling - almost thought I wouldn't get it stopped - beat on the battery connectors some and had power again. Got my gas and high tailed it home - I had enough adventure for the day. Tomorrow has to be better.